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First World War Staff Names, A to D

Following the rebuilding of the Bank during the inter-war years, the names of those who served in the First World War were re-inscribed from their original panels onto four separate wall panels. Located in the Front Hall at the Bank of England, the panels list the full names of the Bank staff who served in the First World War. The names with a cross denote the 71 Bank staff that lost their lives serving in the war.
​Ager F G Baxter H L Browne R M Conder Hugh​
​Aird G M Becraft J H Bryson John Coon F A H​
​​Allen L E Bell H A Buchanan J D M Cooper F C
​Allford A D Bennett A G A​ Buck A C W Cornah J W
​Allport D H Bennett E P​ Bull A C Coulton F E
Allport R E H Benstead H E Buller A E A Cranefield P A
Allum C E Bensusan David Buller R F M Crocker F C​
Ansell H J Berrow P J Bulman P W S Crosier V S
Applin G W H Berrow W R Burne A N L Crowe G F
Arnold G F Berry C H Burrell E B Crowther H W​
Arnold Henry Berry R A Burrow J R T ​Cunningham R H
Arnold J K Binder L F Burton G S Curtis A E S​​
Arnold J L Birch Arthur Canny W M Curtis C N​
Ashard C W Bisshopp E C Carlyon-Hughes H C Curtis W H​​
Atkinson S J Blackburne C R Catterns B G Dalbiac H C
Austin W D Blower T J Cheswick F W ​​Dalton E N
Baines J E​ Bollam A D​ Cheveley R D Darker John
Ballard F C​ Bond A J F Clack T S Davis H E​
Ballard Geoffrey​ Bond L G F Clarke C J D Dawes H H
Banfield Percy​ Bouquet M R Clarke F A Dawson A F
Bannister H M​ Boyer E A Claxton W F C​ Day W C​
Barnes H P A Brand C N Clement Herbert Deacon T V​
Barnetson Samuel Brice E W Clements F W Deane A K​
Barwick R H Brook L T Clifton William ​De Steiger A H​
Baskcomb G V Brook W S Codrington E T ​De Steiger Victor​
Baxter C M Brown W J C Colombe P M V