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External Publications in refereed Journals 2005

31 December 2005
  • Asteriou, D and Price, S
    Uncertainty, investment and economic growth: evidence from a dynamic panel
    Review of Development Economics, Volume 9, Issue 2, pages 277-288
  • Bakhshi, H and Larsen, J
    ICT - specific technological progress
    Journal of Macroeconomics,Volume 27, Issue 4, pages 648-669
  • Bakhshi, H, Kapetanios, G and Yates, T
    Rational expectations and fixed event forecasts
    Empirical Economics, Volume 30, Issue 3, pages 539-553
  • Benito, A
    Does job insecurity affect household consumption?
    Oxford Ecomomic Papers, Volume 58
  • Benito, A
    Financial pressure, monetary policy effects and inventories: firm-level evidence from a market-based and a bank-based financial system
    Economica, Volume 72, Issue 286, pages 201-224
  • Blanco, R, Brennan, S and Marsh, I
    An empirical analysis of the dynamic relation between investment-grade bonds and credit default swaps
    Journal of Finance, Volume 60, Issue 5, pages 2255-2281
  • Cifuentes, R, Ferrucci, G and Song Shin, H
    Liquidity risk and contagion
    Journal of the European Economic Association, Volume 3, No. 2, pages 556-566
  • Gagnon, E and Khan, H
    New Phillips curve under alternative production technologies for Canada, the United States and the euro area
    European Economic Review,Volume 49, Issue 6, pages 1571-1602
  • Groen, J
    Exchange rate predictability and monetary fundamentals in a small multi-country panel
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking ,Volume 37, Issue 3, pages 495-516
  • Haldane, A, Penalver, A, Saporta, V and Song Shin, H
    Analytics of sovereign debt restructuring
    Journal of International Economics,Volume 65, Issue 2, pages 315-333
  • Haldrup, N and Lildholdt, P
    Local power functions of tests for double unit roots
    Statistica Neerlandica, Volume 59, Issue 2, pages 159-179
  • Harrison, R, Kapetanios, G and Yates, T
    Forecasting with measurement error in dynamic models
    International Journal of Forecasting, Volume 21, Issue 3, pages 595-607
  • Hoggarth, G, Jackson, P and Nier, E
    Banking crises and the design of safety nets
    Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 29, Issue 1, pages 143-159
  • Imbs, J, Ravn, M, Mumtaz, H and Rey, H
    PPP strikes back. Aggregation and the real exchange rate
    Journal of Economics, Volume 120, Issue 1, pages 1-43
  • Jaaskela, J
    Inflation, price level and hybrid rules under inflation uncertainty
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics,Volume 107, Issue 1, pages 141-156
  • Kahn, H
    Price-setting behaviour, competition, and mark-up shocks in the New Keynesian Model
    Economic Letters, Volume 87, Issue 3, pages 329-335
  • Lombardelli, C, Proudman, J and Talbot, J
    Committees versus individuals: an experimental analysis of monetary policy decision-making
    International Journal of Central Banking, Volume 1, Issue 1, pages 181-205
  • Morris, S, Song Shin, H and Tong, H
    Response to 'Social value of public information: Morris and Shin (2002) is actually pro transparency, not con'
    American Economic Review, Volume 96, Issue 1, pages 453-455
  • Neiss, K and Nelson, E
    Inflation dynamics, marginal costs, and the output gap: evidence from three countries
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Volume 37, Issue 6, pages 1019-1045
  • Neiss, K and Pappa, E
    Persistence without too much price stickiness: the role of variable factor utilisation
    Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 8, Issue 1, pages 231-255
  • Price, S and Schleicher, C
    Returns on equity, investment and Q: evidence from the UK
    Manchester School, Volume 73, Issue 1, pages 32-57
  • Windram, R
    Risk-taking incentives: a review of the literature
    Journal of Economic Surveys, Volume 19, Issue 1, pages 65-90 Back to Top