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Reproducing Banknotes - Online Application Form

Application Form

General Information

Consent to reproduce a Bank of England banknote is required:

i) whether the front or the back of a banknote is reproduced;
ii) for reproductions of all banknotes issued by the Bank of England whether current legal tender or not; and
iii) for all possible reproductions, including modified or distorted reproductions.

The Bank of England will normally grant consent subject to fulfilment of the Conditions set out below.

Until you receive written consent, you are not entitled to reproduce any Bank of England banknote or any part of a Bank of England banknote. Where consent is granted, it will normally be granted for a period of 12 months. Renewals of consents are available by contacting the Note Reproductions Officer directly.

Use of the Bank of England's name in association with the reproductions is not permitted. The Bank of England is not liable for any consequences of granting permission to reproduce its banknotes.

The Bank of England reserves the right at any time after receiving an application to request further information in such form as the Bank of England may specify and to request artwork.

The Bank of England will use the information provided by you on the form below for the purpose of administering its policy regarding reproduction of banknotes.

The Bank of England reserves the right to amend or revoke these Guidelines at any time.


For physical reproductions and reproductions on film or television, Conditions 1, 2, 3, 4 and at least one of the options in Condition 5 must be satisfied. In the case of all other reproductions, including those on the Internet or on CD-Rom, Conditions 3, 4 and 6 must be satisfied. Please indicate by ticking the relevant boxes which Conditions will be satisfied:

Is your request?

Condition 1. Reproductions must be one-sided only (i.e. nothing should appear on the reverse of a reproduction which might give the impression that the reproduction is a genuine banknote).
Condition 2. Reproductions must not be the same size as actual banknotes. If they are to be smaller, they must be at most two-thirds as long and at most two-thirds as wide. If they are to be larger, they must be at least one and a half times as long and at least one and a half times as wide. Reproductions of parts of banknotes must meet the same conditions.
Condition 3. Reproductions may not appear in an offensive or inappropriate context or in such a manner that the Bank, in its sole opinion, believes would undermine the integrity of the currency.
Condition 4. There should be no distortion to the Queen's image (apart from an enlargement, reduction or slant).
At least one of the following conditions must also be met:
Condition 5.  
a) the reproduction of the banknote is shown on the slant and not flat to camera. In such a case the distortion must be such that right angles are reduced to acute angles of 70° or less, or increased to obtuse angles of 110° or more.
b) the reproduction is printed on a material clearly different and distinguishable from paper or paper-like material.
c) the colours on the reproduction differ distinctly from the main colours used on any of the current series of Bank of England banknotes.
d) in the case of a reproduction of part of a banknote, at most 50% of the total surface area of one side of the original banknote may be reproduced.
e) if the reproduction is flat to camera it must be overprinted with the word “SPECIMEN” twice in accordance with Condition 6.
Condition 6. The banknotes must also include the word SPECIMEN twice in solid black capital letters. Once from the bottom left corner to the top centre and again from the bottom centre to the top right corner of the banknote (as demonstrated below). The word SPECIMEN must be not less than one third of the length of the reproduction in length and not less than oneeighth of the height of the reproduction in height. This applies whether the entire banknote is reproduced or just part.


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I am aware of and understand my obligations to reproduce banknotes according to the conditions above. The information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.*

By adding your details to this form are giving consent for the Bank of England to process your information in accordance with current data protection legislation. The Bank will use your information for the purpose of sending you the materials as requested. Your information will also be disclosed to our external distribution company. Your information will not be disclosed to marketing firms. You have the right to ask for a copy of information held about you in our records, for which you may be charged a small fee, and to require us to correct any inaccuracies, by writing to the Data Protection Manager, Public Enquiries & Information Group, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH.