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Extending the CHAPS and CREST settlement day

From 20 June 2016, the CHAPS and CREST settlement day has been extended by one hour and forty minutes to 18:00. The CHAPS deadline for customer payments is 17:40; customer cut-off times set by banks and other financial institutions may be earlier than this. The Bank expects direct participants in CHAPS and CREST to pass on the full benefits to their customers. The Bank has enabled these changes by extending its own hours for operating its Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system.

In the lead up to implementation:

  • Financial institutions prepared for and made changes to their staffing, budgets, IT systems, and legal documentation to enable changes to the service provided to customers.
  • The Bank hosted a dedicated market wide forum which included representatives from the financial industry as well as end-users. 
  • The Bank, working with other financial authorities, has considered how to monitor the delivery of benefits to end-users.
  • This site was updated on a regular basis with additional information, to support implementation.


Benefits identified include:

  • enhanced risk management for financial market infrastructures – market participants will be able to make CHAPS payments later in the day to fulfil sterling cash obligations;
  • increased flexibility in balance sheet management – financial market participants and corporates will be able to undertake some funding and investment decisions later in the typical business day of corporates; and
  • greater flexibility for end-users – the settlement day will be aligned more closely with the typical business day, allowing corporates to make high-value transactions later in their business day such as paying suppliers; and for conveyancers to complete house purchases using CHAPS later. 

A phased review covering whether the identified benefits have been enabled by service providers and adopted by users will be completed by summer 2017. The review will also consider whether further actions are required to encourage the realisation of benefits. The Bank will work with CHAPS Co, Euroclear UK and Ireland (EUI) and the other financial authorities, as appropriate.

Developing the policy

The decision to extend the settlement day follows a review instigated in early 2014 by the Bank. During the course of 2014, the Bank gathered input from a range of stakeholders including the system operators that settle in RTGS, financial institutions that hold accounts in RTGS and representatives of key stakeholders groups.

A paper was issued to relevant stakeholders in November 2014 which set out the Bank’s proposal to operate RTGS later each business day in order to enable a longer CHAPS and CREST settlement day. In response to a request from the Bank, operators of the CHAPS and CREST systems (CHAPS Co and EUI) engaged with their users on the detail of how and when the changes could be implemented. 

The Bank also concluded, in November 2014, that there were no strong drivers to settle retail systems’ net interbank obligations beyond the current RTGS hours. The retail systems do not require RTGS to be open for the clearing and exchange of customer instructions between direct participants and are therefore available to end-users.

Previous and current summary CHAPS and CREST timetables

CHAPS Event ​Previous time ​Current time ​CREST Event​ ​Previous time ​Current time
Start of MT103/MT202 settlement ​06:00 06:00​ Start of DvP/FOP settlement1,2 ​06:00 06:00
​End of equity DvP settlement ​14:00 14:55​
End of gilt DvP settlement ​14:55 14:55​
​Start of DBV settlement3 ​15:00 15:00​
End of DBV settlement ​16:10 17:30​
​End of MT103 settlement ​16:00 ​17:40
End of MT202 settlement ​16:20 18:00​
​End of FOP settlement ​16:40 ​18:00
​Latest end of contingency extension ​20:00 20:00 ​Latest end of contingency extension ​19:30 19:30​

1  DVP refers to Delivery-versus-Payment, where the simultaneous delivery of securities occurs against the payment of funds within a securities settlement system.
2 FOP refers to free of payment, a delivery of securities which is not linked to a corresponding transfer of funds.
3 DBV refers to Delivery-by-Value, whereby a member may borrow or lend cash against collateral in CREST for an agreed term. The system selects and delivers an agreed value of collateral securities meeting pre-determined criteria against cash from the account of the cash borrower to the account of the cash lender and reverses the transaction at the end of the agreed term.