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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

The Bank of England proactively provides a wealth of information of general interest on our website and you may wish to look through the different sections, in particular the ‘About the Bank’ section. The Disclosure Log provides links to a selection of Freedom of Information responses made by the Bank which may be of general interest. The information posted lists details of the requests made and the information provided in response to those requests, but does not include identifying details of the applicants.

Please be aware that the Bank is only covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in respect of information held for purposes other than those of its functions with respect to (a) monetary policy, (b) financial operations intended to support financial institutions for the purposes of maintaining stability, and (c) the provision of private banking services and related services.

About the Bank
20.06.05 Discussion of an independent Bank of England
28.06.06 Appointment of Sir John Gieve
28.06.06 Appointment of Professor David Blanchflower
06.11.09 Questions about the Bank of England (shareholders, dividends paid, directors, member banks)
21.06.11 MPC appointments/selection
15.09.11 Ownership of the Bank of England
10.02.11 ​Bank stockholders at the time of nationalisation
02.03.11 Cost of the external MPC members (incl. remuneration and expenditure)
06.02.12 The Bank's use of external auditors and law firms since 1850
25.04.12 Communications expenditure 2008-2013
​07.03.14 Correspondence to/from the Governor about  the gender make-up of the Monetary Policy Committee
Banking and Markets
08.02.05 Mullens Reports 1970-1974
20.03.07 Cost of Banknotes
21.08.07 Information held by the Bank of England on the proportion of sterling in the foreign exchange reserves of overseas sterling area countries under the Sterling Agreements in operation from 1968-1974.
17.09.07 Questions regarding gold retained by the Bank
23.03.11 ​Promise to pay on Bank of England banknotes
15.04.11 ​Sources of the Bank of England’s M3 estimates aggregates
06.05.11 Central Bank Reserves
23.09.11 Gold reserves data
16.07.12 Email Exchanges between Mr Tucker and Mr Diamond
10.12.13 Heat resistance of polymer banknotes
​19.12.13 Candidates considered alongside Sir Winston Churchill and Jane Austen in April 2012 to appear on next banknote
​07.02.14 ​Record of 23 April 2012 meeting of the Chief Dealers’ Sub-Group (CDSG) of the London Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee circulated to CDSG members on 12 July 2012
​05.03.14 Record of meetings of the Chief Dealers’ Sub-Group (CDSG) of the London Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee from 4 July 2005 to 18 February 2013
​27.02.15 Foreign Exchange Market Investigation – number of hours billed by Lord Grabiner
Financial Operations
27.05.05 Burmah Oil
13.07.05 1987 Stock Market Crash
19.05.06 Sterling Crisis 1976
18.07.05 Committee of Treasury Minutes Referring to the Bank's support operation of Lazards (1931)
18.04.11 The Governor's letters to the Chancellor dated 13 September 2007 re Northern Rock and 11 December 2007 re Financial Stability
30.08.11 Assistance to HBOS since 2008
Human resources and related policies
26.01.05 Breakdown between professional and support staff within the Bank's Monetary Analysis & Statistics Divisions
19.01.06 The Bank of England's participation in the Department for Work and Pensions (Jobcentre Plus) Disability Symbol (the two ticks symbol) scheme
28.02.06 Further information relating to the Bank of England's participation in the Department for Work and Pensions (Jobcentre Plus) Disability Symbol (the two ticks symbol) scheme and other related material
16.04.07 Staff Salary Structures
03.04.09 Information relating to bonus payments
15.04.09 Equal pay
26.06.09 Bonus information
23.07.09 Questions relating to the applicants for the position of head of the Special Resolution Unit
26.05.10 Information relating to Bank of England pensions and retirements
24.05.11 Foreign professionals working for the Bank of England
15.08.11 Output of the Bank’s Agents and a job description for the role
04.03.05 Implementation of the FoI Act
08.03.05 Restitution of monetary gold to Albania
19.08.05 Diary lists for MPC Members and Entertainment and Gifts Received by MPC Members between January 2003 and 10 February 2005
29.06.07 Material related to selected Restrictive Practices Court actions and Financial Services reform
26.11.07 Hospitality given by the Governor outside of the Bank between April 2006 and October 2007 and paid for by the Bank
03.04.09 Information on hospitality/accommodation
20.05.11 The Governor’s salary
26.03.13 Letter from Charles Bean, Deputy Governor, to Tony Cox, Chair, RPI CPI User Group, regarding the RPI change process and its impact on certain index-linked gilts
07.08.13​ Details of Bank gifts and events to mark the departure of Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King
01.11.13 ​Details of Bank gifts and events to mark the departure of Bank of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker
20.03.14​ Details of the amount spent on purchasing wine and champagne over the last 5 calendar years
​10.09.14 Governors' Day
​13.11.14 Details of the number of bottles and amount spent on beer and spirits (2010 – 2014); number of bottles of wine/champagne and amount spent (2014)
​09.12.14 ​Details of the budget for the Bank's Christmas end of year reception
​17.12.14 Details of declared gifts, hospitality and other interests by Martin Mallett

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