Youth Forum members

The forum is made up of 25 people aged between 16 and 25. They live in different parts of the UK. Current members joined the forum in January 2022 and their term will run until September 2022.

Members of the Bank of England Youth Forum

Christy, 24, London

I am a law graduate who is fascinated by the intricacies of both micro and macro economics, and how the economy and businesses are having to adapt to new technologies and climate change. I hope that the youth forum will allow me to learn more about the work being done in these areas and inspire myself and the other forum members to produce real change on behalf of young people.

Saffron, 23, South East England

I joined the Youth Forum because I'm passionate about making change and feel strongly that we need to tackle issues like youth unemployment and financial education head-on. In particular, I want to advocate for young people with autism. I graduated from Cardiff University last year, where I studied Accounting - developing my own understanding of the economy and its impact - and founded a society for neurodiverse students. Currently I am working towards chartered accountancy as an audit associate and acting as a council member for Ambitious About Autism, while sitting on two disability research panels.

Tiegan, 23, South West England

I am a Civil Servant, currently working as a Policy Advisor for Curriculum Strategy at the Department for Education. Prior to this, I completed my English Literature degree at the University of Bristol. As a keen advocate for social mobility, over several years I have worked in various roles supporting 150+ young people to reach their full potential and broaden their horizons, also raising £12,500+ for charitable causes relating to this. As a result, I was awarded two 'Student Social Mobility Awards' at the House of Lords in 2021. I therefore look forward to taking my passion for evening the playing field, and levelling up young people from all backgrounds, through my participation in this forum.

Daniel, 20, East of England

Being in my third year at University studying politics, I have come to understand that economic issues are crucial to achieving the futures young people deserve. In joining the Bank of England Youth Forum I want to help those in disadvantaged positions to not be dismayed by the often confusing financial system, and gain the opportunities and knowledge to fulfil their potential. This is driven by my own personal experience as I believe there is a place for compassion and empathy within the Bank of England and I hope I can contribute towards such a mindset.

Arnaud, 22, London

I am a recent graduate in Economics with a strong interest in youth advocacy. Back in university, I was engaged in a student society hosting events aimed towards building a bridge between students and economic experts, and I realised how important it is to build platforms where everyone can learn about economics and share their opinions with experts. Although it is obvious that young people like me have a lot to learn from the Bank of England policy experts, I believe that they can also greatly benefit from directly hearing from the youth about what is concerning us and what solutions we deem appropriate!

Zoya, 16, North West England

I am currently a 16 year old student from a working class background in a household that has experienced a lot of debt. I hope that my experience and hardships in this scenario can allow me to identify issues that those struggling with debt may experience. Through the bank, I hope we can educate young people on the economy and possibly debt prevention. In my community, there are a lot of vulnerable people who struggle to communicate because of a language barrier that I wanted to give a voice to. Overall, I aspire to speak on behalf of young people struggling and recognise how we can potentially help them best through the resources/opportunities that the Bank of England can provide.

Jack, 24, Northern Ireland

I am a Northern Irish young professional working in the Financial Technology sector. I have always been an advocate for financial education for young people particularly from rural backgrounds who maybe don’t get the same exposure as those who grow up in Cities. I was inspired to join the Bank of England Youth forum in order to help young people both have a voice in addition to working with the Bank of England to help shape how the Bank’s policies can most positively help younger people and provide them with financial literacy and a secure economic future.

Deandra, 18, Yorkshire and Humber

I’m currently teaching maths during my gap year and I hope to study economics at University next year. I joined the forum as I have an interest in both economics and helping young people to feel empowered. Working with students from the North, I often hear about concerns that my students have, including future employment, for example. I hope that my work on the forum will enable me to both present the views of these young people to the Bank, helping them to feel listened to and also raise awareness of the Bank's work amongst young people, helping to create a more symbiotic relationship.

Bobby, 17, Yorkshire and Humber

I’m currently studying A-Levels and I have collaborated with many local forums in Barnsley. I strongly believe that young people should be given the knowledge and skills to adapt to a demanding world and financial education is one of those components. Through working with the bank and our partners; I want to help build the case for financial literacy as well as addressing other relevant topics so that young people can make more informed decisions about their finances and their interactions with the economy. I can’t wait to see where this experience will take us all as a forum and representing young people.

Grace, 19, Scotland

I have always had an interest in economic policy and using it as a tool to create change in deprived communities. Following this interest, the youth forum has been a great opportunity for me to get involved in youth advocacy work for the first time. This has allowed me to delve deeper into the issues that are closest to me, especially those concerning ethnic minorities and immigration. Moreover, it has given me the ability to help raise further awareness of the issues that young people face today all while working on meaningful projects that go beyond my university degree.

Peter, 21, Scotland

I am currently in my third year of university, studying Politics and International Relations. I joined the Youth Forum as I am passionate about ensuring youth
perspectives are meaningfully represented at decision-making tables so that institutions can better reflect these concerns and priorities in their work. I have been involved in youth participation as a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, as a member of the G7’s inaugural Youth Forum, and most recently as a human rights researcher co-authoring a policy paper for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on the role of youth in peace and security.

Craig, 25, Scotland

I am currently in my final year of Economics at the University of Dundee. Dundee gave me a second chance at education when I was at my lowest and helped me realise the strength of Economics for solving deep-seated social issues. Serving on the Forum, I hope to leverage my Economics knowledge to stand up for the voices of all young people. Crucially, I will seek to instigate meaningful change wherever necessary, and I will work to ensure that our futures are taken seriously in all aspects of the Bank's policy making process.

Peredur, 20, Wales

I am a second year Economics undergraduate at the London School of Economics, originally from Aberystwyth, Wales. This will be my second term on the forum, having been in the youth labour market team last year. Researching the impact of the pandemic on the youth labour market and financial health of young people, and presenting these findings at the Bank, was a very rewarding experience last year, so I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Miya, 17, East Midlands

I am currently studying A Level maths, biology and history, and I hope to study an economic and history related course in the future. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum because I am a strong believer that youth voices should have a larger influence on decisions which ultimately affect our future. Additionally, I was motivated by the idea that many young people find financial education difficult to access and so I want to help make this easier. I also plan to advocate the importance of women in the economic field and learn more about how our economy works and with the rest of the team, create a strong platform which engages with young people.

Anuoluwa, 18, London

I am in my first year of university studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and I am passionate about young people building their financial literacy. My interest in finance and the economy stemmed from an eagerness to explore possible solutions to financial issues such as debt. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum in order to help form a line of communication between the Bank and youth, to ensure that otherwise marginalised groups have a say in decision making, and to help others understand what the Bank does.

Alex, 21, South West England

I am currently studying for a Master's in International Relations at University of Bristol. I attended a state comprehensive school and studied my A Levels at a further education college. I then did a joint honours degree in Philosophy and Politics at University of Bristol. I am looking forward to being a member of the Bank of England Youth Forum as I think it's important to educate young people as to how the Bank of England impacts their lives. For example, the current housing affordability and cost of living crisis, which are influenced by the interest rate the Bank sets.

Anna, 17, Northern Ireland

I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and History at A Level. I joined the youth forum as I am passionate about widening access to economics and financial education to young people in Northern Ireland in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to thrive in the economy. I am committed to being a voice for young people in NI and relaying their concerns and experiences to the bank, so future policy can work for the good of all in the UK.

Talayi, 22, West Midlands

I have always been passionate about youth empowerment. I am dedicated to providing young people with the tools they need to succeed; in order to maximise their potential. I have been involved in various youth advocacy programmes such as being a part of the AYPH Youth forum. There I developed my love for engaging with young people over matters that concern them. Joining the Bank of England Youth forum was an important opportunity for me, as I don't know much about finance. Why? That is the question I am here to answer! I am here to question why young people find themselves at a financial disadvantage and to work towards enabling young people to hold power in this space.

Fortune, 19, East of England

I am a first-year land economy student at the University of Cambridge. I have always observed the issues in my community and through my degree and prior education, I have gained a deeper understanding of these issues on a personal, political and economic level. I now feel as though it is time to use my voice as a
vessel for the youth to express our concerns and hopefully tackle the obstacles and barriers to economic progression faced by many groups in the UK. I joined the forum to learn more, communicate with other young people across the country and work together to push for progression.

Katharine, 23, Yorkshire and Humber

I'm currently a 2 year PhD archaeology student exploring autism in the Palaeolithic. I joined the Youth Forum to learn more about the Bank of England and further diversity work I've begun with Carers Trust and within politics. I believe everyone deserves the right to reach their potential and connect young people to finances in a small step to empower us in achieving our best.

Tobi, 22, London

Hi, I’m Tobi and I am delighted to be a member of the Bank of England Youth Forum this year. As someone who works as a software engineer at a financial institution, I want to use my time on the Youth Forum to focus on Fintech and digital assets. Further as someone who believes strongly that there is power in conversation, my secondary aim will be to facilitate discussions on financial literacy.

Niamh, 19, South East England

I am currently in year 13 at college. I am a member of the Surrey Youth Cabinet and have previously been a Member of Youth Parliament. Youth voice is crucial in ensuring policymakers are able to make changes for young people that benefit young people. I joined the youth forum as I believe that young people are thrown into managing their finances without the education that allows them to make correct and informed decisions. I also feel that disabled people should have more support to access banking.

Lamin, 21, London

I am currently reading History, Politics and Economics at the University College London. I joined the forum to shape policy at the Bank of England, primarily using my lived experience but also drawing from the views and opinions of the wider youth. The Bank of England should not operate in a silo. I wish to become a bridge between the impactful work that the bank is doing and the different communities in which it also serves. I hope to make the phrase ‘think global, act local’ central to my recommendations.

Lanre, 17, North West

I’m currently studying Business Economics and Maths at college and I am aiming to go to university. I joined the forum in order to give me and those around me a voice to be listened to. I am glad I have joined the forum, already having received the benefits of hearing from very interesting speakers. I think the forum will give those who help to shape our country a greater understanding of young people.

Zainab, 18, East Midlands

I am a gap year student with an interest in Law and Finance. I hope my work with the Bank of England can empower young people to seize on opportunities confidently and build their dream careers
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