Date : Wednesday 26 September 2018 10:00AM

10:00 26/09/18 USD Repo Operation Results
7-day operation
Total bids received                  USD 0mn
Amount allotted                      USD 0mn

08:15 26/09/2018 US Dollar Repo operation
The fixed bid rate for today's 7-day US Dollar Repo operation will be 2.67%

07:45 26/09/2018 Announcement on US Dollar Repo Operation
7-Day Operation
Auction type                          Fixed rate tender
Allotment method                      Allotment in full
Date of operation                     26/09/18
Time for submission of bids           8:30am - 8:45am
Settlement date                       27/09/18
Maturity date                         04/10/18
Minimum bid amount                    USD 5mn
Multiples of                          USD 1mn
Maximum number of bids                1
Total size of operation               Unlimited