Economist, Monetary Policy Committee Unit

Career story

What do you do?

I work in the External Monetary Policy Committee Unit, which is made up of External Members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and their dedicated economic staff. I am an Economist to an External Member, supporting him with day-to-day analytical work and policy decisions.

Tell us about your career at the Bank of England

I joined the Bank from the UK Civil Service as an experienced hire, having previously worked at HM Treasury and Office for Budget Responsibility. My first role was within the Monetary Analysis directorate, and comprised translating an array of economic indicators into a view of the current state and the near-term prospects for the UK economy.

I then moved to the External MPC Unit, which is a small team of advisors working directly with the MPC to help them shape their thinking on policy issues.

What’s the workplace culture like?

The workplace culture is incredibly diverse. In a team of eight, we currently have colleagues from the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Brazil. Diversity also applies to our internal discussions, where divergent views are encouraged and challenge is welcome.

There is also a strong sense of public service, not surprising given many of us have experience of working in other central banks and public institutions.



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