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Everything you need to know about joining us as an experienced professional.

Career Returners Programme

Our Career Returners Programme is for professionals who would like to return to work after an extended career break. It is a paid six-month placement starting in September 2019 with the possibility of a permanent role at the end.

We are offering roles in: The Prudential Regulation Authority, our Legal Directorate and the Technology Directorate (including Project Management).


If you are an experienced professional looking for jobs at the Bank of England, visit our careers website to search and apply for jobs.

The minimum academic requirements for experienced professionals will depend on the particular job you apply for. In some cases, the relevant work experience you have will be more important than your academic qualifications.

How much will I earn?

Your salary will depend on the position, your qualifications and your experience. Your salary is reviewed annually and linked to performance.

Where will I work?

Most of our staff are based at Threadneedle Street or 20 Moorgate in London. We also have a small number of regional agencies around the UK, and cash centres in Essex and Leeds.

How does the recruitment process for experienced professionals work?

Whichever role you apply for, you will need to attend an interview. This will normally be with two members of staff, and it will cover your CV or application form and the skills required for the role. You may have to return for a second interview with a senior manager. If you have applied for a senior or specialist role, there may also be a third interview.

You may also meet with someone from our human resources team, who may cover some more competency-based questions. We also use this interview to make sure you fully understand our salary and benefits offer and to provide you with further information on working at the Bank. This interview is usually at the same time as your second interview.

Seminars and presentations

For some roles, particularly if you are applying as an experienced economist, you may have to give a seminar or presentation on a paper you have worked on or a topical economic policy issue. In other areas, such as project management, you may have to present a case study. We will give you the requirements for any presentation ahead of time.


You may have to sit a test or a short series of tests before we can consider you for interview. This is almost always the case for analytical, clerical or administrative roles. We will provide you with information ahead of time if you will be required to sit a test.

Our contact with you

We will email you after the closing date to let you know if you have got through to the next stage of the selection process.

After you have had an interview, we aim to get back to you within a few weeks.

Pre-employment checks

If we offer you a job, the offer will depend on:

  • satisfactory references
  • security clearance
  • identity checks
  • criminal record checks
  • credit checks
  • proof of qualifications
  • immigration clearance (where relevant).

You will also need to complete a medical questionnaire.

This page was last updated 25 March 2019
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