School Competition: Bank, Camera, Action

Sign up to our film competition for secondary and college students by 8 October 2018. To join, you need to submit a short film on this year’s topic, ‘What will money be like in the future?’ by mid-December.

What you need to do

We want you to show us what you think money will be like in the future. Through the ages, money has taken various forms – from bartering goods, through gold and silver coins to banknotes. And there’s more to it than just cash: over £600bn of electronic payments are made in the UK every single day. So what comes next? 

You can shoot your film on a smartphone, tablet, or video camera. It should be between one to three minutes long.  Schools can enter multiple teams of maximum five students. There’s no limit to how many people can appear in the film. 

We want students studying as many different subjects as possible to participate. You can use any medium you want – eg. dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews or a news article. 

We want to see imaginative and interesting films – the more creative the better. We’re less concerned with analysis and depth of content. 

Students must be aged 11-18 and attend a UK secondary school or college to participate.

Schools are responsible for getting consent for all students who make or appear in the film. 

Last year's winning films

How to enter the film competition

We can only accept a limited number of entries, so before you make your film you will need to pre-register using our entry form by Monday 8 October. If demand for places is high, we will hold a ballot to decide who can enter. Where possible, places will be allocated to reflect the percentage of state and independent schools in each region.

We will email you to let you know if you have secured a place by Friday 12 October.

You will then need to submit your film to us by Monday 10 December.

Bank Camera Action - closing date 8 October 2018 Stop Animation

Enter our schools' film competition

Prize categories

This year's entries will be judged in the following categories:

  • Key Stage 3: years 7, 8 and 9 (age 11 to 14)
  • Key Stage 4: years 10 and 11 (age 14 to 16)
  • Key Stage 5: years 12 and 13 (age 16 to 18)
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Most creative
  • Technically impressive
  • Overall winner from the seven categories above

Winning schools will receive a cash prize and each team member will receive gift vouchers.  The winning films will be shown on the Bank of England website and shared on our social media channels.

To register your school’s interest, email your entry form to by 8 October.

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