We have launched our technology competition

Win a paid summer internship with our technology team

The challenge for 2018 is…

We want you to tell us about your idea for a new app that takes advantage of open banking.

and are initiatives designed to give everyone control of their own financial data. They mean you can tell your bank to share certain data they have on you with others, or to make payments on your behalf. So you can manage your money and understand how you’re spending it better.

Some people believe this will revolutionise how banks provide services.

It’s our mission to work for the good of the people of the UK so your app must help improve people’s lives.

We are not expecting you to build the application for your entry. Just explain what you would do.

You’ve got until 5pm on Monday 26 November to send us your ideas. You can put your ideas in writing, on film or use other creative ways.

Things to think about

You might want to consider some of the following when you tell us about your app:

  • How will you make use of the opportunities of open banking? How can you ensure the security of customer data?
  • Who is it aimed at? Is it for a particular age group?  Is it for people who are already financially literate or is it their first banking app?
  • What will it do that others don’t? Think about who else might create a similar app.
  • How might your app affect customer behaviour? What impact could it have on the broader financial sector? What might this mean for financial stability?

The prize

The winner gets a four to six week paid summer internship at the Bank of England in London. Before they start, they’ll get an exclusive invitation to visit us and meet some of our technology team.

Competition rules

  1. Enter on your own or as a team of up to six people
  2. You must be 16+ and a student at a school, college or university to enter
  3. The competition is aimed at students in the UK but we’ll consider entries from overseas
  4. Entries must be in English
  5. We must be able to open your entry on a standard Windows-build laptop
  6. File attachments should be limited to a max size of 10mb (including .zip multiple files) – please ensure you check before you send
  7. Be creative with your entries, but to give you a size guide, a 750 word written response, a 10 slide presentation or a 2 minute video (URL’s to online videos will be accepted).

How to enter

Email your entry to tech.early.careers@bankofengland.co.uk and include this cover sheet.

The competition closes at 5pm on Monday 26 November. We want you to be creative. Do something different. Show us why we need your ideas and skills.

Read our full terms and conditions.

Who we are

We’re the central bank of the UK. Our responsibilities have changed a lot since we were established in 1694 but our mission has remained the same. We work to promote the good of the people of the UK by maintaining monetary and financial stability.

  • Privacy notice

    Information we collect

    When you enter this competition the Bank of England (‘we’ or the ‘Bank’) collects personal data about you. This information includes your name, age, contact information and the name of your institution

    Why we need your personal data

    We collect your personal data to process your submissions and validate your entry, and administer the competition. 

    Our basis for processing this data is that it is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest. The competitions promote and educate students about the importance of technological and cyber solutions which assist the Bank in meeting its mission. 

    If you do not provide the information required to express interest in and complete the competition, we will unfortunately be unable to accept your entry. 

    What we do with your personal data

    We use the information you have provided to inform you when the competition opens, to process your submission and to contact you about your entry. 

    We use a third party provider, WorldAPP Inc in the United States, to provide the KeySurvey online tool. WorldAPP Inc participates in, and has certified its compliance with, a recognised EU-U.S. privacy framework. For more information about WorldAPP Inc’s security and policy visit keysurvey.com/privacy-policy. Your data will be retained for 2 years.

    Your rights

    You have a number of rights under data protection laws. For example, you have the right to ask us for a copy of the personal data the Bank holds about you.  This is known as a ‘Subject Access Request’. You can ask us to change how we process or deal with your personal data, and you may also have the right in some circumstances to have your personal data amended or deleted. 

    To find out more about those rights, to make a complaint, or to contact our Data Protection Officer, please see our website at bankofengland.co.uk/privacy.


Want to ask us something about the competition or what we’re looking for?  You can tweet us @BankofEngland using the hashtag #BoETechComp or email tech.early.careers@bankofengland.co.uk.

This page was last updated 07 November 2018
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