Youth Forum members

The forum is made up of 25 people aged between 16 and 25. They live in different parts of the UK. Current members joined the forum in September 2020 and their term will run till August 2021.

Members of the Bank of England Youth Forum

Abigail, 16, North East

I am currently studying Economics, Chemistry and Mathematics at college. My curiosity into finance first began in my economics studies. Learning and understanding how the economy works is rewarding as it allows me to understand headlines and everyday occurrences. I joined the youth forum because I believe that I, and many other young people, feel that they have been left out of policy making decisions throughout the pandemic. I hope that being on the youth forum allows me to help introduce the much needed and important topic of financial education into the school curriculum.

Abigail, 19, Scotland

I am currently in my first year of university studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Since joining the youth forum in 2019 I have enjoyed being able to build skills and work on a variety of different projects with the forum. I originally joined the forum because I wanted to find out more about how the Bank of England works. I am incredibly excited to get to work with the British Youth Council and the Bank of England again, and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for the forum.

Adut, 25, South East

I joined the forum because I feel that there’s a disconnect in how young people navigate their finances and the holistic understanding they have about them; and the wider economy they fit into. The Bank of England is important for so much that we might take for granted day to day and it can become a real problem if young people are disconnected from it, and it’s disconnected from young people. I also wanted to be a part of a team of impassioned young people willing to liaise with the bank and put in the work to get the voices of young people heard and translated into policy and practice within the Bank.

Ahmed, 24, London

I am a care leaver currently working with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation as an Employment Adviser. I also founded You Vs You Ltd to support young people to develop their personal and interpersonal skills through mentoring and workshops. Due to my life experiences and how I’ve overcome them, I understand that there’s a need for encouraging young people to have a positive mind set. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum to learn and understand the role of the Bank in our society and to represent the voice of underrepresented groups, influence decision-makers and learn how I can take this back to my community to educate others. 

Amy, 23, South East

Over the years I have mainly worked around mental health and in supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people. But I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum as I’m passionate about ensuring the voices of young people who experience social inequalities are represented in decisions and actions by the Bank. Due to life experiences and my own journey, I know how financially and economically challenging it is as a young adult from a disadvantaged position and I want to ensure that young people in society from low socio-economic backgrounds are supported and have the opportunities to follow their ambitions.

Becky, 18, Scotland

I joined the Bank of England youth forum because I believe that youth advocacy is impertinent to shaping an economy that works for young people. I currently sit on the SQA Committee and as such am interested in incorporating financial education into the qualifications system to equip young people with financial skills. I am also a minimum wage worker and am looking forward to working with the Bank on labour market policy as young people are likely to experience some of the most precarious employment. Through this forum, I hope to give voice to the economic concerns of young people.

Craig, 24, Scotland

I am currently in my third year of Economics at the University of Dundee. Dundee gave me a second chance at education when I was at my lowest and helped me realise my passion for helping people. I joined the Forum precisely because it unites my passions for Economics and helping people. I hope my membership of the Forum will help to give a voice to the young people most vulnerable in society and help shift the Bank’s perspective from a typical London-centric one to a perspective which is more sensitive to the needs of youth up and down our country.

Dan, 19, North West

I am a Manchester born activist currently studying at the London School of Economics. I have a keen interest in working to bridge the gap between young people and policymakers, demonstrated by my work as the founder and Chief Executive of YouthPolitics UK and an ambassador of the #iWill Campaign. I have joined the forum to ensure that young people’s views are being heard at the highest level and that their interests are reflected in policy decisions. I am looking forward to working with the Bank of England to overcome many of the challenges faced by our generation.

Disha, 17, South East

I am a member of Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet and the National Children’s Bureau - through which I’ve had the opportunity to lobby parliament through national campaigns. I joined the youth forum for a second year because, especially in the wake of COVID-19, it is vital that economic policy works for the good of all - including young people. I believe the way to do this is to bridge the gap between young people and policymakers, which I hope to do while on the Forum. I am in my final year of school and hope to study an economics-related course at university.

Grace, 16, West Midlands

I am currently a Year 12 student studying geography, history and government and politics. After working effectively with the communications team at the Bank last year to create a guide on engaging young people, I am excited to continue working with the Bank to increase their youth engagement. I am passionate about involving young people in the decisions that will affect their lives and also believe that it is vital to include women in these conversations. I have learnt so much throughout the past year about economics and the bank and I want to be able to help spread this education to young people across the country.

Henry, 17, North East

I'm in my second year of Sixth Form and I'll be going on to study Physics next year at university. Last year I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Bank of England Youth Forum after finding my time on the St John Ambulance Regional Youth Forum a rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my year, especially the work we did on the response to COVID-19. I'm thrilled to be able to take part in the second year of the Youth Forum. 

James, 23, South West

I joined the Youth Forum because young people have been the torchbearers in many online spheres, yet seldom receive recognition, nor representation in many domains which control their future. As self-employed public figures, online creators command unprecedented levels of authority, yet have little interest in their finances. I believe there is untapped potential in the involvement of these young people, not just for their own fiscal responsibility, but also as role models for their audience who admire them. I hope to bring a voice representing the interests of this often forgotten demographic, while also working to stimulate youth engagement through this medium.

Jon, 17, North West

I’m currently studying A Level Economics, Religion Studies and Business Studies. I applied for the forum not only to expand my knowledge of economics and share my knowledge with others, but also to advocate for other young people who may not necessarily have a platform to be heard on. I feel that young people, in particular those from a working class background, having influence in institutions like the Bank of England will help young people feel more empowered and hopeful for their futures.

Jude, 19, Wales

Originally from Cardiff, I am now studying Law at the University of Bristol. Upon graduating, I wish to become a commercial lawyer, as I have a keen interest in anything related to business, finance and economics. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum because I believe that too many young people are oblivious to the Bank's work, despite it affecting their daily lives. Therefore, I hope to engage as many young people as possible. Outside the forum I am a school governor and often participate in debating competitions.

Luca, 18, East Midlands

I joined the Forum because I'm passionate about empowering young people and ensuring that they have a voice in political discourse. I've worked with young people running anti-knife crime sessions, creating mental health care packages as well as attending demonstrations promoting their rights, including one regarding child refugees fleeing from Syria. Aside from my work with the Forum, I'm currently a full-time law student at the University of Oxford, where I hope to promote access and diversity as a student ambassador for my college.

Mecquel, 21, West Midlands

I wanted to be a part of the Youth Forum because I believe that I will be able to contribute to improving financial literacy amongst teens and young adults in the country. It has become increasingly apparent that the education system does not prepare us for real life, particularly in understanding financial institutions and resources. I want to improve financial education amongst disadvantaged groups such as black and ethnic minority groups, immigrants and refugees. I look forwards to achieving my goals and helping my team achieve theirs!

Michael, 24, London

I currently work in the homelessness sector and I am a passionate volunteer for the Holocaust Educational Trust and the Patchwork Foundation. I joined the Youth Forum over concern about the social and economic challenges posed to society from the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. I want to use my policy research and campaigning experience to help young people respond to these challenges by becoming more economically resilient and financially literate. I hope the Youth Forum will enable me to advocate for young people, help shape the Bank of England's policies and network with like-minded people passionate about positive social action!

Olivia, 17, Yorkshire and Humber

I’m currently studying my A-levels- English literature, Economics, Geography, and Modern history. I’m really passionate about helping young people with their finances because I think it’s such a huge part of life that, more often than not, most individuals don’t have a sufficient understanding of. In the current climate it’s more important than ever to support young people both with employment, and with savings. I’m currently involved in my regional steering group- the Yorkshire and Humber steering group-and I’m hoping to bring aspects from the youth forum into regional events and workshops. I’m passionate about helping young people because we are the future leaders and professionals.

Peredur, 18, Wales

I am currently a first-year undergraduate student at the London School of Economics, studying Economics. I joined the forum to try and help bring light to the economic and financial issues facing young people in Wales, especially the nation’s rural communities. Exorbitantly high house prices in particular is one of these problems. The forum is an opportunity to bring a different perspective to the table in regard to the bank’s optimal course of action. 

Pierre, 20, East of England

I am excited to provide a voice for our generation and to make a difference, creating a bridge between young people and the Bank of England. In this forum, we can increase awareness of the challenges the youth face and offer solutions to policymakers which will improve the long-term health of our economy. We can also help the younger generation by making opportunities and available support more accessible. As an economics undergraduate at the University of East Anglia, working on such an impactful and exciting project will provide me with a great insight into the real world of economics.

Sarah, 20, London

I am a 20-year-old Law student and political advocate. I advocate for the interests of young people in the areas of finance, employment and education. I sit across a number of boards and have successfully mobilised young people to tackle specific issues. My responsibilities include analysing trends, effects of policies and contributing to the strategies of government departments and organisations. Growing up in this era, young people have potential to be the biggest contributors to the economy, with the rise of entrepreneurship, it is important that we shape the future and create an enabling environment by making the right policy decisions.

Sophie, 20, Northern Ireland

I have always been passionate about advocacy and youth voice outreach and believe it is vital to give a voice to those areas of society not otherwise heard. I was previously a UK Girlguiding Advocate, and became one of the founding members of Girlguiding’s ‘Period Poverty’ Campaign; which made me aware of financial injustice in the UK. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum due to the lack of financial education in schools. Money affects us all, at every stage of our lives, therefore it is vital people are informed of how to manage it. I hope to work with the Bank of England to improve financial education and help create a fairer economic system.

Tasneem, 18, South East

I am currently in my first year studying BA Geography at LSE. I joined the Youth Forum as I am passionate about reducing socio-economic inequality in the UK, especially child poverty, deprivation in coastal areas and how this inequality can affect certain ethnic groups more. I am interested in learning more about Economics as it encompasses our choices in daily life and how financial education can be improved.  My experience for youth advocacy includes being on the Bright Green Future Environmental Leadership Programme and also a Youth Forum representative under Our Bright Future.

Temitope, 19, London

I joined the Youth Forum to strengthen the type of representative I would like to be in my community. Alongside the Youth Forum I am a small business owner and currently studying Law at University. For me being a part of the Youth Forum will create an access for me to unlock current barriers so I can learn and unlearn methods associated with finances. I always feel like I know a lot, so I decided to challenge myself through putting my knowledge into action and enhancing my capabilities as part of the Youth Forum.

Zainab, 17, East Midlands

I'm a 17 year old student from the East Midlands that comes from a lower class background. I wanted to join the Youth Forum to help empower young people to break down the economic barriers that they face and gather a larger understanding about the opportunities that the Bank of England can provide them, in order to do so.
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