Future Forum 2018

From 2 November to 28 January 2019 we are hosting our first ever online Future Forum. The theme for this year is ‘Let’s decide the future of money’.

Our online forum is now live

Every year we explain what we are doing and listen to your views at our Future Forum. Last year, this was held in Liverpool. This year, we want to involve as many people as possible across the whole of the UK. So we’re going online. You can have your say no matter where you live.  This year’s theme is ‘Let’s decide the future of money’.

Have your say on the future of money

Money is evolving. The way we pay for things is changing. That affects the way we keep our financial system safe and the types of financial services that we need.  We want to hear your views on the future of money. Tell us what you think about things like banking, fintech and climate change.

How to get involved

You can:

Sign up now and together, let’s decide the future of money.

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