Technical resources for the migration to ISO 20022

Find out about the CHAPS ISO 20022 like-for-like and enhanced messages and the MyStandards Readiness Portal

Is your organisation ready for ISO 20022?

The migration to using the ISO 20022 messaging standard for UK payments is underway. We expect the first phase to happen in 2022. Start to get your organisation ready now. 

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‘Like-for-like’ message set

We have published a ‘like-for-like’ message set for the CHAPS ISO 20022 migration. 

It is available in the SWIFT MyStandards application and in Pay.UK’s Standards Source. We published it on both repositories to help alignment with other payment systems. 

Schemas within both repositories will deliver the same outcome. However, there are some technical differences between the MyStandards and Standards Source platforms, which affect the presentation of the schemas.

MyStandards is the ‘golden’ source and the primary platform for schema documents.

If you use Standards Source, we strongly encourage you to read the explanatory note. This is available on the platform and it explains the differences in presentation. 

‘Enhanced’ message set

We plan to publish the final CHAPS message set in September 2020. This follows the publication on an industry review of the schemas.

MyStandards Readiness Portal

We have launched the SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal to help you to start testing your CHAPS payment messages against the published schemas. 

We encourage all CHAPS direct participants to use the portal to prepare for the CHAPS ISO 20022 migration. 

Other users, including indirect participants in CHAPS, software vendors supplying payment systems, and others in the payments industry are also welcome to use it. 

We will monitor usage to keep informed of how ready the industry is for migration.

What can I use the portal for?

The portal will validate CHAPS ISO 20022 messages to ensure they comply with the schemas and the format meets mandatory requirements for a payment message to settle in RTGS. 

It will also enable you to validate examples of the cash management and administration messages that CHAPS direct participants will receive from RTGS. This will enable them to prepare their systems to process them. 

It links with the SWIFT MyStandards documents, not the Standards Source documentation.

How do I gain access to it?

To get access, you:

  1. Register for a account for MyStandards.
  2. Request access to the Bank of England ISO 20022 (external users) community.  We will process your request within 48 hours.
  3. Email to request a copy of the ‘Readiness Portal – Community Access Agreement’. Include a brief explanation of why you want to use the portal.. Software vendors should also outline which software packages they provide, to which actors in the payments industry, to avoid any delay in being granted access. The agreement should be signed on behalf of your organisation and returned to the same address.
  4. Use the form below to list people who are authorised to access the portal on behalf of your organisation. Return it to:

How do I use the portal?

We are developing a set of use cases to support testing and we will shared these with direct participants via the RTGS Renewal Testing Working Group. 

You can use portal in any way that supports your development of your CHAPS ISO 20022 messages.

How long will the portal be available?

The portal will be available throughout the RTGS Renewal Programme. 

We will update it later in 2020 with the schemas for the enhanced CHAPS ISO 20022 messages.

How to contact us

Please contact with any questions.

This page was last updated 03 August 2020
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