Jack Meaning

Economist - Monetary Assessment and Strategy​​


Jack Meaning works in the Bank’s Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division. 

His research focuses on both the empirical and theoretical investigation of unconventional monetary policies, employing, among others things, time series, panel and DSGE methods. Recently he has also conducted research into central bank digital currency.

Jack earned his PhD from the University of Kent, for which he was awarded an ESRC scholarship. He also holds an MSc in International Finance and Economic Development, and a first-class honours degree in Economics and Spanish, both from the University of Kent.

Prior to joining the Bank, Jack worked for the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, modelling, forecasting and co-authoring the quarterly Economic Review. In 2011 he spent a summer as a Technical Advisor to the Bank for International Settlements, which culminated in two widely cited articles in the BIS Quarterly Review.

Jack's selected academic publications

Non-conventional monetary policies: QE and the DSGE literature, with Evren Caglar, Jagjit Chadha, James Warren and Alex Waters, Chapter in Interest rates, prices and liquidity, Cambridge University Press (2011)
The impact of recent central bank asset purchase programmes, with Feng Zhu, BIS Quarterly Review, December (2011)
The impact of Federal Reserve asset purchase programmes: another twist, with Feng Zhu, BIS Quarterly Review, March (2012)
Reserves, liquidity and money: an assessment of balance sheet policies, with Jagjit Chadha and Luisa Corrado, Chapter in Bank for International Settlements, Are central bank balance sheets in Asia too large? (2012)
Exchange rate pass-through: a view from a Global Structural Model, with Simon Kirby, National Institute Economic Review (2014)
The transmission of unconventional monetary policy in UK government debt markets, with James Warren, National Institute Economic Review (2015) 
Modelling events: the short-term economic impact of leaving the EU, with Jessica Baker, Oriol Carreras, Simon Kirby and Rebecca Piggott, Economic Modelling (2016) 


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