Katharine Neiss

Head of Division - Policy, Strategy and Implementation​​


Katharine Neiss has recently joined the International Directorate as Head of the International Surveillance Division. Her area is responsible for carrying out surveillance of macro and financial risks at the country level.

Katharine joined the Bank after completing her PhD at University of British Columbia. Her research has covered a wide range of topics. Building on her academic open economy macro background, policy highlights include: seminal work on the measurement of real interest rates, the role of capacity utilisation variation dynamics and the impact of the financial crisis on supply.  In her previous role, she has contributed to a cross-Bank piece of work on the optimal level of going-concern capital for UK banks.

Katharine's selected academic publications

Inflation dynamics, marginal cost, and the output gap: evidence from three countries - with E Nelson; Journal of Money Credit and Banking (2005)
Persistence without too much price stickiness: the role of variable factor utilization - with E Pappa; Review of Economic Dynamics (2005)
The real interest rate gap as an inflation indicator - with E Nelson; Macroeconomic Dynamics (2003)
Discretionary inflation in a general equilibrium model - Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (1999)

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