Roland Meeks

​Senior Economist - Monetary Assessment and Strategy Division


Roland is a macroeconomist whose research focus is the linkages between the financial and the real side of the economy. His published work includes empirical studies of the effect of financial disturbances on the aggregate economy, and theoretical modelling of the shadow bank system. Roland is also interested in functional time series, which he has applied to models of the term structure of interest rates, and in his current research, to the dynamics of inflation expectations.

Roland's selected academic publications

Shadow banks and macroeconomic instability, Journal of Money Credit and Banking (2017)  
Capital regulation and the macroeconomy: Empirical evidence and macroprudential policy, European Economic Review (2017)  
Stationary and nonstationary behaviour of the term structure: A nonparametric characterisation, with Clive G. Bowsher, Applied Mathematical Finance (2013)  
Do credit market shocks drive output fluctuations? Evidence from corporate spreads and defaults, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2012)  
The dynamics of economic functions: Modelling and forecasting the yield curve, with Clive G. Bowsher, Journal of the American Statistical Association (2008) 
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