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Catalogue FAQs

Does the catalogue contain links to any records?
No, the catalogue only contains descriptions of the records themselves.

Have any records in the Archive been digitised?
Yes, a number of records have been digitised and are available at the following link: Digital Content
You will need to visit the Archive to view any records that that have not been digitised.

I have found records in the catalogue that I am interested in. Can you undertake research for me?
Unfortunately we do not have the resources to undertake extensive research, although we can usually check salary ledgers or small numbers of customer account indexes. If you are unable to visit in person, you are welcome to send someone on your behalf.

I am looking for a specific person and cannot find their name
Numerous names are contained in the records held by the Archive, in particular those of former members of staff, but these are not generally catalogued to the level of detail for individuals to appear.

What is the name search?
The 'Name search' allows to you see biographical information about key people and organisations associated with the Bank. It also links the relevant records concerning that person or organisation.

Why do my search results appear to show that there are gaps in a series?
A number of records have not yet been released for research because they are very recent or for reasons of sensitivity or confidentiality. For more information follow this link: When are records made available to the public?

Can I order items before making a visit?
Yes, though the number of records that can be requested in advance is limited to ten individual items (i.e. you cannot order by series or group).

How should I order files in advance?
Advance orders can only be accepted by email. Please give the full reference, and brief description, for each item and state the date of your visit. Send your order to

Can I request copies of records listed in the Archive catalogue?
We are unable to provide copies of records shown in the catalogue, but we do allow researchers who visit the Archive to use cameras.


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