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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/1
Extent1 file
Date28 Dec 1930 - 31 Mar 1931
DescriptionThe file includes correspondence with The Co-operative Union Ltd concerning the volume of its societies' trade, 1930-31; letters of invitation, and acknowledgments; correspondence relating to lectures and broadcast talks; letter to Sir William Beveridge dated 7 Jan 1931 relating to the Unemployment Insurance Commission; memorandum from Clay to Sir James Cooper on cotton, 7 Jan 1931; correspondence relating to Clay's published works; memorandum from Clay to Hugh Crompton Bischoff on cotton, 19 Jan 1931; correspondence with Norman Crump on retail trades, Jan 1931; correspondence with M Palyi, Economist, Deutsche Bank, on currency circulation per head of population in the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany, 1930-31; letters of introduction for Thomas Balogh, 1931; memorandum from Clay to John Arundel Caulfeild Osborne on national income, 3 February 1931; correspondence with Arnold Joseph Toynbee, 1931; correspondence with W Wallace, Rowntree, York on the trend of wholesale general prices, February 1931; letters of introduction for Walter Kahn, Feb 1931; correspondence with J Taylor Peddie of the British Economic Federation Ltd on shortage of monetary resources, Mar 1931; correspondence with T B Johnston on monetary Policy, Mar 1931; correspondence with Leonard Browett on the West Riding worsted industry, Feb - Mar 1931; letter to William Beveridge on the question of rigidity of wage rates, 19 Mar 1931; and correspondence about postgraduate students. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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