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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/10
Extent1 file
DateJan 1930 - Dec 1930
DescriptionThe file includes a memorandum to Charles Bruce Gardner concerning the North Central Wagon Co Ltd and Securities Management Trust (SMT), 16 Dec 1930; letter to T A Webber on the connection between the Bank of England and renationalisation, 11 Dec 1930; letter of recommendation to Professor D H McGregor for Thomas Balogh, 11 Dec 1930; letter to Cecil H Wilson, MP, concerning the effect of emigration on unemployment, 7 Nov 1930; letter to A H Tocker on farming in New Zealand, 7 Nov 1930; letter to T W Pay on the relationship between gold and the international banking system, 6 Nov 1930; memorandum from Sr James Cooper on the question of the Lancashire Cotton Corporation and the Joint Committee of the Cotton Trade Organisations, 25 Sep 1930; memorandum from Clay to Charles Bruce Garner on Allied Spinners, 2 Sep 1930; and requests for information on the woollen and worsted industries, Jul 1930. With index of correspondents.

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