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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/2
Extent1 file
Date1 Apr 1931 - 30 Jun 1931
DescriptionThe file includes invitations; correspondence relating to Clay's adoption on to the British National Committee, Mar - Apr 1931; letter to Harry Arthur Siepmann on a Dutch bank scheme to promote the flow of new capital to smaller enterprises, 1 Apr 1931; letters of introduction; correspondence with Edgar Pam concerning protection, Apr 1931; letter to Sir William Beveridge commenting on six chapters of his book, which he had sent to Clay, 24 Apr 1931; letter from Walter B Kahn, 14 Apr 1931; correspondence concerning Securities Management Trust (SMT) and Lancashire schemes, May - Jun 1931; correspondence with J Rosengrist on his paper concerning the present economic position, May - Jun 1931; memorandum to Sir James Cooper (director of Lancashire Cotton Corporation) on the selling of cotton, 10 Jun 1931; letter to Harry Arthur Siepmann excusing himself from giving aseries of talks, 12 Jun 1931; correspondence with T B Johnston on gold, agricultural prices, and the pottery industry, Jun 1931; letter from C A Siepmann, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on a programme of talks [on recent economic developments], and an accompanying pamphlet, 19 Jun 1931; correspondence with Joseph Clay on an amalgamation scheme, Jun 1931; and letter to Herbert W Lee on errors pointed out by Lee in Clay's report on cotton, 30 Jun 1931. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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