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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/3
Extent1 file
Date30 Jun 1931 - 29 Sep 1931
DescriptionThe file includes invitations; memorandum from Clay to Charles Bruce Gardner concerning Allied Spinners, 6 Jul 1931; letter to D H Robertson containing remarks by Clay on stimulating credit, and programmes of public works, 14 Jul 1931; letter to M J Bonn on free trade and protectionism, 17 Jul 1931; correspondence on academic matters; memorandum to Charles Bruce Gardner and others of a proposal for combination in heavy woollen industry, 22 Jul 1931; notes on a manuscript by Mordecai Ezekiel, 23 Jul 1931; correspondence with T B Johnstone on Germany and the depressing economic outlook, Aug 1931; correspondence with Godfrey W Armitage on Brazilian exchange, Aug 1931; correspondence with M Palyi on a meeting of the German Bankers' Association, Aug 1931; correspondence with F Phillips, Whitehall, on the balance of trade, Sep 1931; correspondence with C A Siepmann, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on a statistical survey of listeners, and recommending C T Brunner to undertake the work, Sep 1931; correspondence with the Eugenics Society, including a letter from Clay turning down an invitation to speak at a proposed conference, Sep 1931; correspondence with Eleanor Florence Rathbone, MP, about an invitation to a meeting of MPs to discuss the present financial situation, Sep 1931; letter to F Phillips on inflation and unemployment, 14 Sep 1931; correspondence with F Heim on loss of equilibrium in the world's balance of payments, Sep 1931; correspondence with C H Marsh on the financial crisis, Sep 1931; letter to Harry Arthur Siepmann on the problems of the pound, loss of equilibrium in world trade, and criteria for a return to the Gold Standard, 30 Sep 1931; letter to C P Mahon on a scheme for restriction of output in the rubber industry, 30 Sep 1931; and letter to Cecil Lubbock on rises in prices and expansion of trade, 30 Sep 1931. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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