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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/4
Extent1 file
Date30 Sep 1931 - 31 Dec 1931
DescriptionThe file includes a letter from Clay to T D Barlow on trade and the Gold Standard, 2 Oct 1931; letter to C J Hambro on behalf of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, whose members were experiencing difficulties over foreign exchange, 8 Oct 1931; correspondence with Thomas Balogh concerning the United Kingdom's (UK) departure from the Gold Standard, Oct 1931; memorandum to Charles Bruce Gardner on a possible approach to Bankers Industrial Development Co Ltd (BID) by the chairman of Sheffield Steel Products, 19 Oct 1931; letter to W H Coates about dyes, 22 Oct 1931; invitations; academic matters; letter to Harry Arthur Siepmann on the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), 30 Oct 1931; letter to E F Gay on ways to stimulate world trade, 2 Nov 1931; correspondence with E R Peacock on Canadian allegations about United Kingdom financial policy, Oct 1931; correspondence with W S Burge on factors behind the current depression, Nov 1931; correspondence with W Gribble mentioning the advantage of a public school education for young men wishing to join the Bank of England, Nov 1931; correspondence with Thomas Balogh on the gold report, Nov 1931; letter to Harry Arthur Siepmann on South Africa, 18 Nov 1931; letter to Sir Josiah Stamp on a scheme concerning the textile industries, 4 Dec 1931; correspondence with C A Adcock on the partial responsibility of Russia for the present depresssion, Dec 1931; letter to E Hale concerning Clay's brother and the trade in yarn with the continent, 11 Dec 1931; and letter to John Arundel Caulfeild Osborne containing comments on a paper concerning balance of payments, 14 Dec 1931. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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