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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/6
Extent1 file
Date30 Mar 1932 - 30 Jun 1932
DescriptionThe file includes a memorandum to Basil Gage Catterns on sterling exchange, 5 Apr 1932; memorandum on the draft of the redundancy scheme for the cotton industry, 6 Apr 1932; memorandum to Charles Bruce Gardner on cottonised flax, 11 Apr 1932; letter to C E R Sherrington concerning the discussions on the Unemployment Insurance Commission in relation to the railways, 14 Apr 1932; correspondence with Sydney Smith on the subject of 'net shipping receipts', Apr 1932; memorandum from Charles Bruce Gardner to Clay on the spinning industry redundancy scheme, 6 May 1932; letter to Lady Simon on the Insurance Scheme, 27 May 1932; letter to H C Emerson on the Insurance Scheme, 31 May 1932; letter to H R Hodges on unemployment, 9 Jun 1932; letter to Sir Josiah Stamp on the road - rail controversy, 13 Jun 1932; correspondence with Arnold J Toynbee on a project to write an authoritative book on the economic and financial unification of the contemporary world, Jun 1932; and memorandum to Charles Bruce Gardner on the fruit growing industry, 17 Jun 1932. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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