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Reference Number (click to see whole series/group)SMT5/7
Extent1 file
Date5 Jul 1932 - 23 Dec 1932
DescriptionThe file includes correspondence with Walter Simpson concerning the cotton industry, Jul 1932; letter to P Ford concerning statistical information for use in formulating a scheme for the relief of unemployment, 2 Aug 1932; letter to W S Ascoli, on the cotton industry, 5 Sep 1932; papers relating to Russian agriculture, Sep 1932; letter to Professor S H Frankel on the export of gold from South Africa to the Bank of England, 4 Oct 1932; letter to Professor Melville on the Australian exchange rate, 5 Oct 1932; Letter to A F Lucas concerning the work of Bankers' Industrial Development Co Ltd (BID) and Securities Management Trust (SMT), 24 Oct 1932; correspondence with E M H Lloyd on wool statistics, Oct 1932; letter to Commander Stephen King Hall on the Monetary Study Group and the role of the Bank of England in questions of monetary policy, 31 Oct 1932; letter to F Malcolm Stewart on monetary reform and central control of credit, 1 Nov 1932; correspondence with W F Sadler on Japanese competition, Nov 1932; letter to John Arundel Caulfeild Osborne on finding a role for Humphrey Charles Baskerville Mynors at the Bank of England, 12 Dec 1932; and correspondence with A F Waterfield, Whitehall, concerning a proposed scheme for the reorganisation of the cotton industry, which would enable Lancashire to undersell Japan, Dec 1932. With index to correspondents at end of file.

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