Risk assessment / health and safety information for school and educational groups

Information about health and safety arrangements at the Bank of England Museum and can be used to prepare a risk assessment for your visit, if so required.

Supervision and behaviour

  • The Museum is a public building and school group leaders must remain with their students at all times to supervise their behaviour, ensure their health and safety and accompany them in the event of an evacuation.
  • School groups should have an appropriate adult-to-student ratio. We suggest the following:
    • 1:10 for under 10 year olds
    • 1:12 for 10-16 year olds
    • 1:15 for over 16 year olds
  • If the behaviour of anyone in your group negatively affects the safety or enjoyment of other visitors or Museum staff, or causes damage to exhibits or furniture, the person in question may be asked to leave the building.

First Aid

  • During opening hours, there are always staff in the Museum who are able to provide first aid treatment. If assistance is required, please make yourself known at the Security Desk at the entrance to the Museum.
  • Details of any accident (whether or not first aid is required) are recorded and reported to the Bank of England’s Health & Safety Unit.
  • The nearest accident and emergency departments (open 24 hrs a day) are at:
    • The Royal London Hospital
      Whitechapel Road
      London E1 1BZ
      Tel No: 020 7377 7000
    • St Thomas’ Hospital
      Westminster Bridge Road
      London SE1 7EH
      Tel No: 020 7188 7188

Fire and Other Emergencies

  • The Museum has well-rehearsed procedures to ensure that visitors can safely, and quickly, leave the premises.
  • Announcements over the tannoy system will advise the nature of the emergency and the action to be taken.
  • All fire exits are clearly signposted.
  • Lead your group out of the Museum as quickly as possible, not stopping to take a register until you have reached a place of safety.
  • Once outside the Museum, take a register and report any missing persons to a member of Museum staff, all of whom will be wearing bright green high-visibility jackets. You are then free to leave.

Museum staff

  • All Museum staff who have direct contact with students have undergone Disclosure and Barring (DBS) checks.
  • All Museum staff who deliver presentations or gallery talks have the necessary experience and training.

Insurance Cover

  • The Bank of England, as the body responsible for the Bank of England Museum, has public liability insurance.

Health and Safety Policies

  • The Museum (as part of the Bank of England) has written Health & Safety policy statements.
  • All staff attend/receive mandatory Health and Safety training courses.
  • The Museum’s public spaces are maintained as safe spaces for the visiting public.
  • Health & Safety checks are undertaken by Museum staff on a daily basis. Any hazards that are identified are isolated or rectified immediately.

If you have any questions about booking a presentation or making a self-guided visit to the Bank of England Museum, contact the Education Team by email to education@bankofengland.co.uk or by phone (020 3461 5545), Monday to Friday, 9am-11am and 4pm-5pm.