The Future of Money

Money and the way we use it has changed. This free exhibition responds directly to questions asked by the public about the future of money.

The Future of Money

Opening on Wednesday 28 February at 10am

Can the tooth fairy go cashless? Are cryptoassets money? Who decides how we pay? 

Money and the way we use it has changed in recent decades. With digital and contactless payments on the rise, the choices we make, as individuals and businesses are having an impact. Futureproofing the economy to meet our needs, now and in the future, is the job of the Bank of England. 

From digital currencies to the importance of cash in our everyday lives, from sustainability to making sure we have choice and access to different ways to pay, this exhibition responds to questions you have been asking. So, where are we now, and what is the future of money?

‘The Future of Money’ opens on Wednesday 28 February 2024 at 10am. The exhibition, and our entire museum, is free with no need to book ahead.

This exhibition will be on until September 2025.

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When thinking about the future of money, it often seems like more questions come up with every answer. If you have questions on topics addressed in the exhibition and want to learn more, find the topic below and click on the relevant link. 
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