The Future of Money: maths resources for schools

Free school resources designed for young people aged 11-14 to explore the Future of Money exhibition

The future of money and the history of mathematics

From Roman gold bars to banknotes and online payments...maths is everywhere in the Future of Money exhibition! Reflecting this, we’ve developed a series of education resources to help young people aged 11 to 14 investigate the key exhibition themes. Our resources explore the links between the exhibition and a range of mathematical ideas, using a series of key objects as a starting point for discussion and mathematical problem-solving. 

All activities support the maths curriculum and are designed for use in the classroom or at home. The resources can be used alongside a museum visit or in the classroom using the images, teacher notes and worksheets provided.

Explore the various topics and download the resources below.

  • Topics covered include:

    • compound measures
    • units of measurement
    • problem solving
    • probability
    What is money?
  • Topics covered include:

    • data collection and questionnaires
    • analysing data
    • bar charts
    • pie charts

    Futureproofing today’s systems

  • Topics covered include:

    • prime numbers and their properties
    • divisibility rules
    • sampling methods
    • calculating percentages

    Future methods of payment

  • Topics covered include:

    • 3D shapes
    • adding
    • subtracting and dividing with decimals
    • problem solving

    Education, environment and sustainability

  • Topics covered include:

    • sequences and patterns
    • problem solving
    • inverse operations
    • division with remainders

    Data and privacy

This page was last updated 01 March 2024