October half-term: data detectives

Detective Glover needs the help of families in solving a crime this October half-term

About the event

When: 23 to 27 October, 10am to 5pm (last entry 4.30pm)

Free, no need to book ahead.

Detective, we need your help this October half term!

My name is Detective Glover. The Bank of England makes banknotes and some people have been trying to make fake ones. We’ve been hired by the Bank to investigate these banknote forgeries.

News has spread that a man who goes by the name of ‘Old Patch’ is forging banknotes, and they look very real. We have a drawing of the suspect, but we don’t know his real name. Your job, Detective, is to solve the puzzles and crack the case.

Simply report for duty at the Bank of England Museum during October half-term to receive your instructions. Good luck, Detective!

This page was last updated 20 October 2023