What Diversity and Inclusion means for you

Join the Bank and you’ll be part of a culture that prizes diverse ideas, open debate and perspectives that challenge the prevailing wisdom. We’ll also celebrate your individuality and help you to live a fulfilling life both in and outside work.

Supporting the community

One of the ways we do this is by recognising the commitments you already have to your communities and various charitable causes. Organised initiatives like our school insight days and work experience programmes, as well as paid volunteering leave give everyone the chance to give something back. Our charity partners are also chosen by our staff. And any money you collectively raise is matched by the Bank.

Diversity of Thought

The Bank also encourages Diversity of Thought, which inspires colleagues in every area to share different ways of thinking, working and achieving success. The aim of this is to promote creativity and encourage diverse approaches by inviting people with different backgrounds, skills or talents to present their thoughts and ideas. 

In order to promote and support diversity in all its forms, we also have a number of Employee Networks:

LGBT+ network

LGBT+ and Allies Network

The LGBT+ and Allies Network is fully inclusive and open to every member of staff. This includes people who may not identify as LGBT+ themselves, but who actively support their LGBT+ colleagues, and promote a working environment where everyone – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity – feels safe and confident to be themselves.

We are a Stonewall Diversity Champion and participate in the Workplace Equality Index most years. In 2018, we moved up 101 places in the index – a huge improvement in one year.  Working with Stonewall, we are committed to improving LGBT+ diversity and inclusion even further.

Disability network

disAbility Network

The key objective of the disAbility Network is to identify and remove barriers so that people with disabilities can achieve their full potential at the Bank. As well as supporting individuals with specific employment issues, the network organises events for all employees to raise awareness of the full range of disabilities and the challenges facing those who live with them.
Mental health network

Mental Health Network

This network is focused on improving people’s understanding of mental health issues. As well as highlighting the support available to colleagues, it organises and sponsors events to combat the stigma around mental health. In doing so, it aims to ensure that anyone affected by mental health issues – either directly or indirectly – feels more inclined to open up and seek help earlier.
Women in the Bank (WIB) network

Women in the Bank Network

The Women in the Bank Network aims to ensure that all women can flourish in the workplace. It’s open to everyone, regardless of gender, focusing on identifying and tackling issues that can hold women back in their professional development and job satisfaction.

Although we still have a way to go, our efforts to address the imbalance between male and female employees have already achieved considerable success. Of around 1300 staff here, 43% are women with 33% at Governor level.

Bank of England Ethnic Minorities (BEEM) network

BEEM Network

BEEM was established to inform, inspire, advocate and promote Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) related matters in the Bank. As well as ensuring BAME staff experience the same performance reviews, rates of pay and development opportunities as non-BAME colleagues, BEEM is committed to addressing the imbalance of BAME representation at a senior management level.
Muslim network

Muslim Network

The Muslim Network connects and supports Muslim colleagues throughout the Bank, ensuring no one ever has to compromise their religious obligations or spiritual needs in order to excel in their professional role. As part of this, the network also organises events and activities to mark important Islamic celebrations and bring people together throughout the year.
Jewish network

Jewish Network

The Jewish Network is here to support all Jewish colleagues across the Bank, and help them celebrate and raise awareness of their shared faith. The network is proud of its inclusivity and welcomes members from all denominations and beliefs, including Orthodox, Conservative, Progressive, Cultural and Atheist Jews, as well as those who are not affiliated.
Christian union

Christian Union

The Christian Union is open to Christians of any (or no) denominational background, as well as colleagues who don’t consider themselves Christians but are interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. Its members regularly come together to study the Bible, pray, talk and socialise, with a focus on their faith and how it influences their work and everyday lives.
Carers network

Carers Network

Whether it involves looking after someone with chronic illness, disability or mental health issues, an elderly relative or young children as part of a family, being a carer can be tremendously rewarding. But it’s also extremely demanding. The Carers Network provides the information, advice and support colleagues need to balance that responsibility with a successful career.
This page was last updated 17 October 2019
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