Market intelligence

We engage with contacts from many different institutions and market participants to learn about conditions and developments in financial markets.

We analyse the market intelligence we gather to provide important insights to our policymaking committees: the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), Financial Policy Committee (FPC) and the Prudential Regulation Committee (PRC).

Why does the Bank gather market intelligence?

Gathering market intelligence means that we can make policy decisions with a detailed understanding of the financial market context in which we operate. Market intelligence can:

  • provide fresh qualitative information to supplement our quantitative analysis
  • support the design of our operations and assess their impact
  • provide insights on markets, products and sectors for which little or no public data is available
  • alert us to actual and potential sources of monetary and financial instability.

What markets does the Bank gather intelligence on?

We have conversations with contacts from across regulated and unregulated markets, as well as market participants which operate in major overseas financial centres. As we have limited resources, we prioritise the markets, products and sectors we think are most likely to pose risks to the UK’s monetary and financial stability.

Market Participants Survey (MaPS)

The Market Participants Survey acts as a quantitative complement to the Bank's routine market intelligence gathering. The survey collects information on market participants' expectations about monetary policy and financial markets. It runs eight times a year, aligned with the six-week schedule of the monetary policy meetings of the MPC. The results are published in aggregate form for each round on the Friday following the release of the MPC Minutes.

This page was last updated 13 April 2022

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