Court of Directors

The Bank's Court of Directors acts as a unitary board, setting the organisation's strategy and budget and taking key decisions on resourcing and appointments.

Required to meet a minimum seven times per year, it has five executive members from the Bank and up to nine non-executive members. All members of Court are appointed by the Crown. One of the non-executive members is selected by the Chancellor to chair Court.

PDFGovernance of the Bank including Matters reserved to Court

The Governor serves on Court for a period of eight years, the Deputy Governors for five years, and the non-executive members for up to four years.

Court Committees

In addition to meetings of the full Court of Directors, Court also has several sub-committees, each tasked with specific responsibilities for helping to manage the work of the Bank.

Audit & Risk Committee

  • Bradley Fried, Chair
  • Tim Frost
  • Don Robert
  • Dorothy Thompson

Remuneration Committee

  • Diana 'Dido' Harding, Chair
  • Sir Anthony Habgood
  • Tim Frost
  • David Prentis

Sealing Committee

  • One or more Members of Court
  • and the Secretary of the Bank,
  • or the Deputy Secretary,
  • or the Finance Director,
  • or the Chief Legal Advisor.

Nominations Committee

  • Sir Anthony Habgood, Chair
  • Bradley Fried
  • Dorothy Thompson

Meeting minutes

From the foundation of the Bank in 1694 to the present day the Court of Directors has met on a regular basis to discuss a range of matters related to the administration and operations of the Bank. Up until May 1998 the meetings were held weekly, after which time they were held monthly.

The Financial Services Act (2012) requires the Bank’s Court of Directors to publish the minutes of its meetings. These are published, as required by statute, six weeks after the meeting to which they relate, or, if there is no further meeting within that period, then two weeks after the date of the next meeting.

We publish minutes with a lag of 20 years, in line with National Archive best practice.

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