The future of finance

We’re exploring what the financial system of tomorrow might look like, and what it means for the Bank of England’s priorities now and in the future.

New economics, new finance, new Bank  

“The Bank recognises that a new economy, a new world and new demographics demand a new financial system ... The new finance will develop for the new economy, not in isolation from it.” 
Governor Carney, Mansion House speech, June 2018

The future of finance project is looking at how financial services might evolve over the next decade, and what this means for individuals, businesses and financial service providers. This will help inform our thinking on future policies and capabilities.

The Governor has appointed Huw van Steenis as a Senior Advisor to lead the project.

What we will look at

Our research will cover a range of issues, including: 

Hand carrying elderly person

Ageing population

the implications of an ageing population and suitable financial options

Magnifying glass with document in background

Big data sets

the emergence of big data sets and the sharing economy

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Emerging markets

the integration of emerging markets into the global financial system


Low carbon economy

how finance can help the transition to a low carbon economy

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New financial technologies

how new financial technologies can serve UK households and businesses better

A Bank of England for the future

Our work will include a set of implications for how we can support an evolving financial system while continuing to meet our main objectives of maintaining monetary and financial stability. 

These will help us ensure that financial services continue to serve UK households and businesses effectively. 

Our plan for engagement

Over the course of the project, we will explore these and other themes in roundtables, workshops and forums with businesses and consumer advocates from around the UK.

Our events will bring together banks, insurers, technology firms, exchanges, financial market infrastructure firms, businesses and consumer groups to talk about problems, trends and potential solutions. 

We aim to complete our work in the early summer 2019.

Find out more about who we’re engaging with and the questions we’ll be asking.

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