Wholesale cash distribution in the future

We’re developing a new cash distribution system so people who want to continue using cash are able to.


Wholesale banknote and coin distribution is a key part of the cash cycle. It helps enable the public to use the notes and coins they want to. Although cash use is declining, many people still prefer to use it and we are committed to supporting cash as a viable means of payment.

How will the Bank of England help support cash?

We are developing a new system for wholesale cash distribution so people who want to use cash to pay for things, can. The system needs to be efficient, resilient and sustainable. 

To help us create this new system, we’ve brought together relevant people from the industry. To support and oversee this work, we’ve set up a Wholesale Distribution Steering Group (WDSG). To find out more about this steering group, you can read its Terms of Reference.

This page was last updated 08 July 2019
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