Declaration of secrecy

Bank secrecy rules.

The Bank’s rules with regard to secrecy are that:

The strictest secrecy is to be observed with respect to information of any kind acquired in the course of your duties relating to the affairs and concerns of: the Bank; the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA); His Majesty’s Government; other customers; or other persons, companies or organisations with which the Bank or the PRA may have dealings.

Information acquired during the course of your duties must not be disclosed outside the Bank or the PRA (other than in the proper exercise of your duties or as required by law). Unless you are expressly authorised by the Bank or the PRA to do so, you must not allow any unauthorised person to have access to, or be provided with copies or extracts from, any books, papers or electronic records belonging to the Bank or the PRA. It is a criminal offence to make unauthorised disclosure of certain information, including information obtained under the regulatory powers of the Bank or the PRA.

You must not seek to profit or to minimise any loss, financial or otherwise, by making use directly or indirectly of information acquired in the course of your duties. You must comply with the policies contained in the Staff Handbook, and have regard to the <Notice to Staff concerning the Official Secrets Act 1989. Your specific attention is drawn to the contents of the <Guidance Note on Market Abuse (Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation) and to the <Personal financial transactions policy insofar as these apply to you.

The Bank is subject to data protection and privacy laws. In your duties, you are responsible for handling personal data in line with obligations under the law and the Bank’s internal policies.

You must not take part in any public discussion, in the press or otherwise, regarding the affairs or policy of the Bank or the PRA without first obtaining, through your Head of Division the permission of the Head of Stakeholder and Media Engagement.

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