Malindi Myers

Agent - South West


Malindi became Agent for the South West in February 2020, having joined the agency as Deputy Agent in April 2018. She leads the Bank’s team in the South West, speaking to businesses and business representative organisations, as well as community and charity organisations, to bring the real economy into the Bank’s policy making areas.

She brings with her 25 years of working with economic data, to underpin analysis, forecasting and policy. Before she joined us, Malindi worked for HM Treasury; the Office for National Statistics; the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the European Commission. She enjoys understanding and explaining what is going on in the economy, particularly as she put it “in this fast changing economic landscape”.

Malindi studied economics at Durham University and environmental economics at University College London. She grew up in Kenya and Oxford, and previously rowed for Great Britain winning four World Championship medals. She also enjoys running, walking, swimming and being outdoors, in nature – a relic perhaps from her childhood.


Agency for the South West

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