Oliver Tweedie

Interim Executive Director, Technology


Oliver Tweedie is our Interim Executive Director for Technology and our Chief Information Officer. He is responsible for all aspects of technology and programme delivery. He also runs our IT Cyber Security Division and he is a member of our RTGS/CHAPS Board. 

We use a range of systems at the Bank of England. They include:

  • business-critical operational applications (like real-time gross settlement)
  • gold inventory management
  • data ingestion
  • analytics platforms

Oliver is passionate about the role of technology in supporting our mission. He is proud to lead a team that develops our technical capabilities in a fast changing world.

Oliver joined in 2019 as head of our engineering and development teams. Previously he was a Technology Director at Sky where he built large-scale internet service provider and analytics systems.

Oliver has an MSc in Computer Information Systems and an MBA. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society.

This page was last updated 24 January 2022