Sarah John

Chief Cashier and Executive Director, Banking


Sarah has been Chief Cashier since June 2018, and also became Executive Director of Banking in May 2022. She is responsible for:

  • Managing the Bank’s customer banking and settlement operations;
  • Making sure that our banknotes have the latest anti-counterfeiting technology, so that people can have confidence that the banknotes they use every day are genuine; 
  • Making sure there are enough high quality banknotes in circulation, working closely with financial institutions, banknote suppliers and retailers;
  • Ensuring that holders of Scottish and Northern Irish notes are protected if a commercial banknote issuer defaults.

Previously, Sarah was the Head of Sterling Markets Division, where she was responsible for the design and implementation of the Bank’s operations in Sterling markets. She has also worked in the Risk Management and Financial Stability areas of the Bank. 

Sarah is Executive Sponsor of the Bank’s Parents+ network which helps parents balance the opportunities and responsibilities of parenthood with those of working at the Bank.

Sarah has a degree in economics from the University of Cambridge.

This page was last updated 12 April 2024