Tanya Castell

External member of the Prudential Regulation Committee


Term of appointment: 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2024

Tanya Castell MBE is an external member of the Prudential Regulation Committee.

Tanya is an independent Non-Executive Director on the Board of Border to Coast Pension Partnership, which is an asset management company set up to pool the assets of the 11 local authority pension funds that own it. She is also Chair of its Board Risk Committee and a member of its Audit Committee. 

She is a member of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Regulatory Decisions Committee. In addition she is the acting Immediate Past President (and former CEO) of the charity Changing the Chemistry. She founded this organisation in 2011. Its aim is to improve diversity of thought on boards. 

Tanya’s expertise is in risk management, regulation and corporate governance. She also has a particular interest in diversity and inclusion.

Previously she has been on a number of financial services boards. These include Handelsbanken PLC (2018-21), Faster Payments Scheme (2014-18) and Societe Generale International (2012-17). 

Tanya was Lay Chair of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Quality Assurance Scheme (2015-18). She has also been a pension trustee at HBOS Group Money Purchase Scheme (2010-12) and UBS (UK) Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (2006-07). She held executive roles at HBOS/Lloyds (2008 -10), UBS (1994 – 2007) and JP Morgan (1986-1994).

Tanya has a degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

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