Victoria Saporta

Executive Director, Prudential Policy


Vicky Saporta is Executive Director of Prudential Policy Directorate at the Bank of England. 

Vicky has held a number of positions in prudential policy, financial stability and monetary analysis in a career spanning 20 years at the Bank of England. Vicky was at the heart of the macro prudential and micro prudential policy reforms undertaken by the Bank after the global financial crisis.  

Vicky has represented the Bank on numerous international committees dealing with central banking and regulatory issues. Vicky is currently Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors.

Vicky holds a PhD in Economics, M.Phil in Finance from the University of Cambridge and a B.Sc in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the London School of Economics. She has published a number of articles in books, professional journals and Bank of England publications.

Latest news and publications

Victoria's selected academic publications

The Future of Payments, with A Haldane and S Millard, Routledge (2014)
Output costs of sovereign default, with B De Paoli and G Hoggarth, published in Kolb, R (ed), in From Safety to Default, Wiley (2011)
Analytics of sovereign debt restructuring, with A Haldane, S Penalver and H S Shin, Journal of International Economics (2005)
Optimal collective action clauses, with A Haldane, S Penalver and H S Shin, published in proceedings of the IMF/Bank of Spain conference on Dollars, debts and Deficits – 60 years after Bretton Woods (2004)
Bail out or Work out? Theoretical considerations, with A Haldane and G Irwin, Economic Journal (2004)
Costs of banking instability: some empirical evidence, with G Hoggarth and R Reis, Journal of Banking and Finance (2002)
Regulatory and ‘economic’ solvency standards for internationally active banks, with P Jackson and Jackson and W Perraudin, Journal of Banking and Finance (2002)
Binding-in the private sector, with A Haldane, S Hayes, S Penalver and H S ShinRoutledge (2002)

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