Banking Act Report 1987/8 - 1997/8

Under Section 4 of the Banking Act 1979, the Bank of England was required to report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on its activities in the area of banking supervision.

The report contained a list of institutions that were recognised or licensed under the Act, described developments in both domestic and international supervision and outlined the organisation and staffing of the Banking Supervision Department. Until 1987 the report was included as part of the Bank’s Annual Report.

The Banking Act 1987 replaced the two-tier system of recognised or licensed institutions with a single list of authorised institutions and established the Board of Banking Supervision. It also governed the production of the Banking Act Report. The content remained similar, though it was now published as a separate document. The report for 1997/98 was the final one produced by the Bank before responsibility for banking supervision passed to the Financial Services Authority.

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