Asset Purchase Facility Quarterly Report - 2010 Q4

In the interests of openness and transparency, we publish a quarterly report on the transactions carried out as part of the Asset Purchase Facility. The reports are published shortly after the end of each quarter.
Published on 31 January 2011

During 2010 Q4:

  • As at 30 December 2010, assets outstanding totalled £200 billion.
  • Overnight index swap (OIS) rates moved broadly in line with gilt yields, and as a result, gilt-OIS spreads were broadly unchanged.
  • A significant amount of the gilts purchased via the Facility continue to be made available for on-lending to the market through the gilt lending arrangement with the DMO.
  • The average daily aggregate value of gilts lent by the Asset Purchase Facility to the DMO during the three months to 30 December 2010 was £1.2 billion, more than the £279 million lent on average during the previous quarter. The increase in the amount of gilts lent to the DMO resulted from an apparent shortage in particular gilts, which meant that market participants chose to borrow from the DMO rather than obtain the gilts in the market.

PDF Asset Purchase Facility Quarterly Report – 2010 Q4

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