Asset Purchase Facility Quarterly Report - 2017 Q1

In the interests of openness and transparency, we publish a quarterly report on the transactions carried out as part of the Asset Purchase Facility. The reports are published shortly after the end of each quarter.
Published on 24 April 2017

During 2017 Q1:

  • Gilt transactions to the value of £12.1 billion took place during the quarter. 
  • The total amount of loans made through the Term Funding Scheme during the quarter, less repayments, was £32.8 billion.
  • During 2017 Q1, nominal gilt yields fell on average, by around 11 basis points.
  • As at 29 March 2017, cumulative assets purchased and amounts lent, net of sales, redemptions and repayments, totalled £497.3 billion.

PDFAsset Purchase Facility Quarterly Report - 2017 Q1