Bank Liabilities Survey - 2014 Q1

This quarterly survey of banks and building societies is aimed at improving our understanding of the role of lenders’ liabilities and capital in driving credit and monetary conditions.
Published on 02 April 2014

The 2014 Q1 survey was conducted between 7 February and 3 March 2014.


The terms and conditions under which banks can raise funding will influence their capacity to lend and the price of that lending.


Lenders reported that the supply of deposits from firms had pushed up slightly on the volume of deposits raised in Q1, while the supply of deposits from households had made a broadly neutral contribution.

Wholesale markets

The proportion of wholesale market funding issued in public, rather than private, markets increased a little in 2014 Q1, and was expected to increase further in Q2.


Banks’ capital positions may affect banks’ funding costs and the price and availability of credit to households and companies, while the costs of capital are also taken into account when banks price lending.

Transfer pricing

A bank’s transfer price is the marginal absolute cost charged internally to business units for obtaining funding from the treasury unit, ie the cost of funding the flow of new loans.

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