Advice for law enforcement

The police and other law enforcement agencies are vitally important in the fight against banknote counterfeiting.


The National Crime Agency (NCA) has national responsibility for counterfeiting in the UK. It relies on the expertise and help of regional police forces in the ongoing fight against counterfeiters.

Most counterfeit banknotes are produced by organised crime groups, to be used once only. The police need to be able to identify genuine banknotes so they can help when counterfeit banknotes are discovered.

To help the police, we have a range of free educational materials.

We help with Crown Prosecution cases by providing written expert witness statements and attending court when necessary. Our experts cover counterfeit Bank of England banknotes and counterfeit Euro banknotes. Requests for witness statements for counterfeit banknotes should be made via the NCA on 0370 496 7622.

We can also cross-reference serial numbers to help the police by identifying issue dates of genuine banknotes. If your force requires statements or information about this, email

PDFMajor cases

Police training

With the support of the NCA, we have introduced a training initiative to give police officers the necessary skills to identify genuine and counterfeit banknotes.

We deliver short, targeted training at force level to training managers, who will then pass on relevant knowledge and educational materials to officers. If your force would like help, training or advice, email

Police procedures

All counterfeit banknotes must be submitted to the United Kingdom National Central Office (UKNCO) at the National Crime Agency (NCA) via the instructions on your force intranet site.

If you need any advice or guidance on counterfeit currency investigations, call the UKNCO at the NCA on 0370 496 7622. It is extremely important that you contact them immediately if you discover any counterfeit manufacturing facility, no matter how small.

This page was last updated 02 October 2018
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