Advice for law enforcement

We offer advice and support for the police and other law enforcement agencies on counterfeiting of banknotes.

What you should do with counterfeits

If you think a banknote may be counterfeit, use our online guide to check its security features.

If you suspect it is a counterfeit, please send it to the National Crime Agency (NCA) using the NCO1 form and guidance on your force’s intranet. 

The NCA is responsible for coordinating law enforcement activity on counterfeit crime in the UK. It can advise you on your investigations. Call them on 0370 496 7622.

If you need support in court

We provide written expert witness statements for Bank of England banknotes and the Euro in prosecution cases. We can also attend court if you need us to.

To request an expert witness statement of any currency note or coin, in the first instance please call the NCA on 0370 496 7622.

Help with banknote date verification

We can help the police check when a Bank of England banknote was first issued. Please contact us at

Crime prevention resources

We work closely with retailers and businesses. More than 150 organisations have signed up to our free Banknote Checking Scheme.

If you are organising a crime prevention roadshow for local retailers and businesses, please tell them about the Scheme and our other free training materials.

Strategic partners

Our strategic partners who support the Banknote Checking Scheme include:
This page was last updated 31 January 2023