Supplying goods and services

Our approach to procurement and how to become one of our suppliers

Our approach

We are a contracting authority under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. 

As a public sector body, our procurement is subject to a legal framework. This framework encourages free and open competition and value for money. It is in line with international and national obligations and regulations.

Responsible purchasing

Our Supplier Code of Practice sets out our values and principles. Our suppliers must adhere to this code.

We are working to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, in partnership with our suppliers.

How to become a supplier

Where required by the regulations, we advertise upcoming contracts on the Proactis Supplier Network portal.

If you are interested in supplying goods and services to us, please register on this portal. If you register, we can’t guarantee you will be chosen to provide our goods and services.

For more information about the stages we go through before appointing a new supplier, or awarding a contract, see our guide to our procurement process. This is for tenders above the regulatory threshold.

We have standard purchase order terms and conditions for goods and services.

Supplier portal


How do I register on the procurement portal?

Registration is a two-stage process. Prospective suppliers provide some details about their organisation and select a category that best matches the goods, services or works they provide.

More than one category can be selected but you should select the categories relevant to your organisation so that alerts for the correct opportunities are received. For example, recruitment companies would select recruitment and staff provision categories not auditors, electrical or design categories. Choose what your firm does, not what your staff may do.

You then submit your registration application. The Proactis system administrator checks whether anyone else from the same organisation has already registered on the portal. If not, two emails are sent to the prospective supplier. One contains a password and one contains a login. When you log in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to change your password and set up a security question.

Can I browse the list of current opportunities and tenders even if I haven’t registered?

The portal has been set-up so that anybody can browse the database of opportunities, simply click on the Current Opportunities link and you will be presented with the Opportunities Search Screen. 

You can search for opportunities using a number of different parameters: Organisation, Categories or Free text search. The search capability can also filter and return opportunities where you can express an interest. However to express an interest you must register yourself as a user on the portal.  

Do I need to re-register every year? 

Once registered supplier details will remain on the system. Suppliers can maintain and update their own details at any time. If the account hasn’t been active for 12 months, it will be suspended by the portal’s administrators.

Is there a cost involved?

There is no charge for supplier registration. 

Will registration make it more likely that I’ll win some of the bank’s business? 

Registration does not guarantee that you will win any business. By registering on the portal you will be made aware of upcoming tendering opportunities earlier than you would if you remain un-registered. It also allows our staff to search and view supplier details when looking for organisations to invite to quote. 

What if I forget my login or password or both?

Contact Proactis Desk 0330 005 0352 or email

I am concerned about commercially sensitive information being made public, how secure is the portal?

Only the registered users of your account and our employees will have access to your information uploaded to the portal. (Please note that the Freedom of Information Act may apply to your information.) 

Will I receive paper copies of the tender information?

No, all tender documentation will be available to download from the portal. 

How can I update the company details registered on the portal? 

It is the responsibility of the Supplier to keep their account updated. Should you wish to change any organisation details the registered user can do this by logging in and updated your company details on the portal. 

What happens if the registered user leaves my company, how do we update the details? 

Should you wish to change any company details after the registered user has left your organisation please email the Proactis Help Desk at with the new relevant details. 

Can I have more than one user registered to the portal? 

Yes you can. However it is recommended that a monitored account is used to make sure that absences, annual leave and leavers do not delay you receiving information or missing out on an opportunity. Follow the application process instructions on the portal.

How to contact us

If you have problems registering on our portal, or need to contact our Procurement Group, please email:
This page was last updated 11 April 2022

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