School film competition: Bank, Camera, Action

This year’s competition closed on Monday 14 December.
'Bank, Camera, Action’ is our annual film competition for UK students aged 7 – 19. The challenge this year was to create a short film or storyboard with a script for this year’s topic: ‘The changing workplace: same spaces, new realities’.

The changing workplace: same spaces, new realities

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way we work, jobs and the economy.

You’ve probably noticed that some familiar spaces are now being repurposed and reinvented – a dining table might also be an office space. How will these changes impact our working practices in years to come? What effect will these changes have on the economy?

Our competition explored how the workplace is changing and what it might look like in the future.

We were looking for imaginative, interesting films and storyboards – the more inventive the better.

We suggested students might want to explore:

  • Which parts of the economy would benefit the most from a shift to the digital workplace?  
  • How the wider economy would be impacted as we continue to replace traditional working environments with new ones?
  • How would this affect things like transport, the environment, work-life balance?   
  • What would the economic implications be at a local and national level?
  • What would this mean for the jobs of the future?


We will award each winning student with a gift voucher and a certificate. Winning films will also feature on our website and social media channels.

Cash prizes will be given to each winning school or college.

Everyone who participates will receive a certificate.

How to take part

The deadline for submitting entries for this year’s competition is now closed.

Judging begins in January 2021, and winners will be announced by end February.


We’ll judge this year's entries in the following categories to allow students to remain in their year group bubbles:

  • Year 3/P3 
  • Year 4/P4    
  • Year 5/P5
  • Year 6/P6
  • Year 7/P7
  • Year 8/S1
  • Year 9/S2
  • Year 10/S3
  • Year 11/S4 
  • Year 12/S5
  • Year 13/S6
  • Students with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Storyboard – Primary school
  • Storyboard – Secondary school
  • Storyboard – SEN
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