School film competition: Bank, Camera, Action

Register your school’s interest by Friday 6 November.
'Bank, Camera, Action’ is our annual film competition for UK students aged 7 – 19. The challenge is to create a short film or storyboard with a script for this year’s topic: ‘The changing workplace: same spaces, new realities’.

The changing workplace: same spaces, new realities

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way we work, jobs and the economy.

You’ve probably noticed that some familiar spaces are now being repurposed and reinvented – a dining table might also be an office space. How will these changes impact our working practices in years to come? What effect will these changes have on the economy?

Enter our competition and explore how the workplace is changing and what it might look like in the future.

We’re looking for imaginative, interesting films and storyboards – the more inventive the better. Get your creative caps on!

Students may want to explore:

  • Which parts of the economy will benefit the most from a shift to the digital workplace?  
  • How the wider economy will be impacted as we continue to replace traditional working environments with new ones?
  • How will this affect things like transport, the environment, work-life balance?   
  • What will the economic implications be at a local and national level?
  • What will this mean for the jobs of the future?

New for 2020

We are discovering lots of new ways of doing things in 2020 and this competition is no different. We have introduced a storyboarding category. Using our new Bank, Camera, Action storyboard template, students can now choose to draw their films out frame by frame and submit with a script.


We will award each winning student with a gift voucher and a certificate. Winning films will also feature on our website and social media channels.

Cash prizes will be given to each winning school or college.

Everyone who participates will receive a certificate.

How to take part

We can only accept a limited number of entries. So, before getting started, please register your school’s interest in taking part by completing the Film entry form and/or Storyboard entry form. Schools can enter both films and storyboards but the same students cannot enter both Competitions.

We will email you and let you know if your place in the competition is confirmed.

Dates to remember:

- Friday 6 November 2020: submit registrations

- Friday 13 November 2020: confirmed entrants will be notified via email

- Monday 14 December 2020: deadline to submit all films and storyboards

- End of February 2021: winners will be announced

What you need to know

  • Students must be between 7 and 19 years old and attending a school or college in the UK.
  • You can shoot your film on a smartphone, tablet, or video camera. It should be between one to three minutes long.
  • We want a variety of students studying as many different subjects as possible to take part. Use any medium you want – eg dance, music, poetry, rap, animation, graphics, cartoons, interviews or a news article. 
  • Schools can enter multiple teams with a maximum of five students in each team. There’s no limit on how many people can appear in a film. 
  • Students may enter either the Storyboard or Film Category but the same student cannot enter both Competitions.  
  • Schools are responsible for getting consent for all students who make or appear in a film. We have a consent form for over 18 year olds and one for under 18 year olds
  • To enter in the storyboard category, students must use our template to submit a storyboard and an accompanying script.  When judging we will be focused on the film ideas.  However, drawings need to be of a high enough standard for us to understand the story structure.

See our FAQs and the terms and conditions for film and for storyboard entries. 

Take a look at our hints and tips: how to shoot a great film and how to submit your film entry for free.  

Download our poster to advertise the competition in your school and classroom. 

Take inspiration from last year’s winning films .


We’ll judge this year's entries in the following categories to allow students to remain in their year group bubbles:

  • Year 3/P3 
  • Year 4/P4    
  • Year 5/P5
  • Year 6/P6
  • Year 7/P7
  • Year 8/S1
  • Year 9/S2
  • Year 10/S3
  • Year 11/S4 
  • Year 12/S5
  • Year 13/S6
  • Students with special educational needs (SEN)
  • Storyboard – Primary school
  • Storyboard – Secondary school
  • Storyboard – SEN
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