econoME is intended for teachers of pupils aged 11-16.

It provides a range of engaging classroom resources that will provide young people with the analytical skills to make informed decisions that will benefit themselves and the world around them. The programme uses real-world examples and best-practice strategies from experts here at the Bank of England.

Through three engaging lessons using interactive activities, videos and case studies, students will understand how their decisions are affected by, and influence the economy. They will also explore the steps required to make an informed choice: from gathering and analysing trustworthy information; to identifying different options and weighing pros and cons; to arriving at a decision. 

The resources have been produced and reviewed by educational experts in consultation with the Bank of England and are designed to have clear links to the curriculum programmes of study in PSHE/PSE/Health and Well Being/Social Studies/Learning for Life and Work/Thinking, Problem-solving and Decision-Making, Citizenship, and Economics.

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The Economy and ME
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