The future of work

Use our interactive education tool to find out how the jobs we do now may change in the future.

About our interactive presentation on the future of work

This resource explains how technology has changed the types jobs we do. Then it explores the impact of technology, such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), on what we’ll be doing in the future.

It’s aimed at students who are 16+. 

How to set up the presentation

You’ll need to be online to use the interactive element of this resource. It's been designed to use a wide screen. It may take a few minutes to load. Please click through each of the tabs to ensure everything is ready before you start teaching.

You can also download this classroom material as a PDF

How to use the presentation

Move through the slides by clicking the tabs at the top, using the arrows or moving the scroll bar.

Use the ‘slider button’ to play with the charts through time.

Find out which jobs have a higher chance of being automated. You can search for a particular job in the ‘With some jobs more affected than others’ section. 

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This page was last updated 31 January 2023