Bank of England workshop on GDP linked bonds

On Monday 30 November 2015 the Bank of England hosted a workshop on GDP linked bonds.

Event date: 30 November 2015

The workshop brought together lawyers and financial market practitioners, policymakers from both the national and international official sectors, and leading legal and economics academics, to discuss why these instruments do not exist already, to explore whether there are collective action problems that are impeding market formation, and if so, how these may be overcome. A summary of discussion is included below.

PDFWorkshop summary

Key GDP Linked Bond documents

PDFLondon Term Sheet (Version 1.0, 30 Nov 2015)

PDFLondon Term Sheet (Version 2.0, 321 Sep 2016)

PDFOverview (21 Sep 2016)

PDFPayment Structure (21 Sep 2016)

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